I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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9 August 2016

My Deepest, Longest, Truest Romance

Are you a secret love, or is it obvious to all? Perhaps no-one would imagine you in the role of my greatest romance. But I loved you from the first – fell in love with you, as they say.  (I typed ‘in love’ and autocorrect changed it to ‘involved’ – and indeed, I am intimately, intricately involved with you. I have been always, and will be until I die.)

Earth, my treasure, my adored! (I refuse to personify you as the made-up Gaia. But I do sometimes call you Nature.) You fill me with joy at the sight of you – any part or aspect of you; all moods. Yours is the beauty Shakespeare described as ‘infinite variety’. You soothe me when I am sad; inspire me when I need courage or a reminder of my calling. You face me with your truth – which is my truth and that of every living being. I pray to return to you again and again. Let me exult in your embrace always! … your never-failing embrace. 

I love you, I say.
Storm clouds roll over deep blue
in the winter sky.

Written for Haibun Monday: A Little Romance, at dVerse.


  1. YES. Gorgeousness. We should all love the earth so. (And amazing photo, too!)

  2. Yes, that is the deepest and truest love of all. Love your response Rosemary!

  3. Beautiful, Rosemary. So much to love in our Earth. She will never let us down as long as we care for her. Lovely haiku.

  4. Now this one, I understand. Thank you, Rosemary, for such a striking, touching poem!

  5. How wonderful to be in love with the earth and to express it so beautifully. The haiku is perfect.

    1. That's a great compliment, Toni, coming from you! Thank you.

  6. this is a love story that knows no end :) love the inlove and involve. they are related. :)

  7. Right! Just the inspiration I need - the peace achievable within Nature is imcomparable.

  8. To be in love is to be involved. There can never be any other way! Rightly so Rosemary!


  9. A truth so deep, sometimes we overlook it. My first and forever love too.

  10. I like your take on the prompt. Love is the only reasonable response to the one who sustains us. 😊

    - imelda

  11. Pure love, Rosemary! You know I love this piece!

  12. Beautiful reminder. Appreciate you sharing.

  13. A completely brilliant sort of love. Wonderful!

  14. This type of reverence is truly beautiful and makes the struggle of living worthwhile. This is a wonderful romance story as old as time. love this line: Yours is the beauty Shakespeare described as ‘infinite variety’. Great write! Do you think they might have called Shakespeare "Billy Bob" when he was young? Another mystery to ponder!

    1. Ha ha ha! No, I think they called him Will.

      Thank you for your deep understanding.

  15. Oh so true! There is so much beauty in nature that we cannot help but be soothed and comforted by it ... that is, as long as we have the eyes and heart to truly see it!

  16. SMiLes.. my FriEnd
    i'M worKinG so hard
    to change the word God
    to Nature.. imagine if folks
    paid homage.. honored.. worshipped
    and praised Nature with the same Glory
    they give to something created in shells of
    words in books of pages grown old
    and torn
    in thousands
    of years gone
    by.. but true the
    irony of it is the dude named
    Jesus as Gnostic Text indicates
    was another Yogi-leaning dude
    like the Buddha.. or any other
    awakened person who sees God
    as we and i and me and uS as Nature
    whole.. with No separation.. as Indians
    who dance around moonlit campfires as
    naked free before lesser mean came
    as Savage
    Free.. SMiLes..
    God is lamb and Lion..
    but mostly God is Free as Nature wHOle..

    i love God
    as God
    i smell.. i taste..
    i touch.. i see.. i hear..
    i propriocept in inFiNite
    other seNses and EmoTioNs
    that don't even have human labels
    for the pARts of magiC real of Nature
    that are God same aS eXpreSsinG iN mY
    sHells of letters and words too.. but what i sense
    and what i feel of God all as Nature trUe is more
    than idols of human
    symbols for
    the essence
    of all that is nature
    will ever bring in books..
    my friEnd.. and alWays whY
    a photo.. juSt onE Photo oF God
    in the SunSet and cloUds of God's
    eYes that sees through uS iS worth
    more than close to 12 million words
    i have written in 69 months that is simply
    a prayer with God oF all Nature now that one
    day more otHeRs
    and Love
    God all that is
    as much and more
    than i do now..

    of God's
    eYes see more than words..:)

    1. Right on! But I believe it's fine for us to keep on writing too – a gift not given us for nothing. As a friend of mine once pointed out, ' "A picture is worth a thousand words" – but try saying that in pictures!' And any glimpse of nature may outdo the greatest painting, but all the same the paintings have a purpose.... xx

  17. This is truly beautiful. I don't think I've ever come across a more fitting love note. I wish more felt the way you feel about the earth.

  18. A love affair with nature! Yes!