I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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20 June 2016

Full Moon Night

No ritual –
black sky and pelting rain.
Still I’m woken at 2am.
All is quiet. The sky
is a little light.

I put on shoes and go outside.
Even my cat won’t venture
out into this inhospitable dark –
she who is named
for the Moon Goddess.

She stands inside the door
and waits. I find no break
in the clouds, no sight
of the moon’s round shape,
no trace. Only,

over behind the palms,
the slightest whitening.
It is enough.
I feel the connection
and breathe deep.

Linked to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #312


  1. I love that you looked out the door and found a little light, for connection.

  2. Luv that the littlest bit of light is transforming

    Much love...

  3. You paint this night beautifully.The early hours are magical.I can relate to that instant connection.

  4. Simply beautiful our lives...not much complication as we use to think...just connect with a breathe...

  5. Sigh... this is soo beautiful.. especially the last few lines..!

  6. Being alone in the cool night air can be rejuvenating!


  7. Loved it on second read as well, and I note Selene now accompanies you everywhere. Smiles.

  8. I love this close--everything in the piece moves toward that moment--

  9. I can see this journey through the night. Very visual.

  10. How interesting as I tend to wake as the moon is full and must bask in her glow...it is an amazing sight to see the night lit up and casting shadows by the moon.....just a gorgeous poem!

  11. Perfect capture of the moment.

  12. love the 2nd stanza, how moon godess won't go outside into the night.

  13. Wonderful images in your description and the feeling of connection.

  14. I love how it only takes that one moment to breathe easy. That's what beautiful moments of meaningful connection do for us!

  15. It is always good breathe in the night air even if Selena was hiding presumably like her namesake or is she Luna?

  16. "the slightest whitening." ah...this is so reassuring in life...

  17. Really like your vivid descriptions and the step by step process you made to make that connection with the light. Even a small light brings dimension to the darkness.


  18. so well described - when the moon conjures we are uplifted