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13 June 2016

Don't Say a Word

Hush little baby, everything’s fine,
just down the road is a bauxite mine.
Go to sleep now, don’t you weep.
The coal seam gas is fracking deep.
Don’t worry, honey, when the tap spews flame
I think you’ll find that no-one is to blame.

Hush little baby, don’t make a noise.
We’re out protesting with the big girls and boys.
Lie down quiet, don’t make a sound.
A taser might hurt but it can’t leave a wound.
There there, darling, all will be well.
(Your Daddy’s in a cell, and your Mumma’s in hell.)

The Eerie Nursery Rhymes challenge at 'imaginary garden with real toads' calls for 'seemingly sweet lullaby-like poems which ooze ... creepiness.' Perhaps this isn't weird enough to qualify – yet, for me, coal seam gas fracking is about the scariest, most sinister thing on the planet at present, and strip mining not far behind it. This is to the tune of 'Hush Little Baby (don't say a word)' – a traditional lullaby, used in Porgy and Bess.


  1. oh yes, fracking is certainly creepy and you little ditty is too

  2. I'm glad you are targeting fracking, Rosemary. The results are devastating.

  3. Scary isn't always weird. In fact, I think some of the scariest things are the product of people and events society considers extremely normal. Your poem is terrifying, and the sweet touch makes it even more so.

  4. Fraught with political wiles Rosemary; nice tones

    here's mine

    much love...

  5. Oh I do love the political slant here... the poor baby do need its sleep, but I think it's a bad world to grow up in.

  6. Would a canary help? That baby is not ever going to sleep again Rosemary!

  7. Oh I'd say this qualifies!

  8. Reality in dark nursery rhyme...So so scary

  9. Perfect, and so unfortunately apt.