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26 June 2016

Don't Talk To Me About Summer

Bloody freezing right now
and Sanaa over at Prompt Nights
is asking for a poem of summer –
hot, sensuous summer
of fiery bosom and bared lips
(or was that the other way around?).

Hard now, already, to imagine
raging heat, naked flesh. Who wants
recollections that only make you shiver
all the more in wretched comparison?
We hate you, Northern Hemisphere poets.
You think your half is the whole world, don't you?

You're so up there. But just you wait.
When you are shovelling snow
and battling blizzards, guess where we'll be?
Yes, at the beach. We'll be sprawling
on smooth sand in the sun, we'll be playing
in our rapturous oceans ..... Meanwhile I'm sneezing.

Written for Sanaa Rizvi's Prompt Nights: Summer


  1. LOL oh Rosemary this is absolutely whimsical :D love your sparkling wit and humor in this poem. No doubt there is a huge difference in the climate zone between the two hemispheres. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D :D

    Lots of love,

  2. Yes, I too laughed a lot even though I am probably colder than you are right now Rosemary. Just think of our friends in Tasmania!

    1. This is why I am not going back there to live, even though I Ioved growing up there – and one reason why I am not going back to Melbourne to live either. We in Northern Rivers NSW think the present weather is already far too cold, thanks.

    2. PS At present it's 17ºC here and I am barely warm enough in my trakky daks, super-thick hoodie and ugg boots!

  3. ha ha...that was fun Rosemary...

  4. Bless you! As a northern hemisphere-r i have to say i hate the sun..it's a taunting..grinning..smug thing..tries to poke out happiness and make us dance and sing.. when all there is shovels full of something inside ;)

  5. Oh, Rosemary, I would hug you warm and make you yummy tea if were there. The tone of this poem sounds like you need it or else.

    Still, this made me roar so hard. I'm such a terrible friend. Muahahaha!

  6. It is summer here and I am dreading the winter already. I wish I could send a bit of this lovely weather your way.

  7. You made me laugh so hard, Rosemary. But don't worry it will be over soon here; Finnish summer is short as a blink :D
    Do keep warm and enjoy the cosy indoors!

  8. Hahahahahhaha - I almost spit out my tea laughing along with this. I feel I should compose a winter poem soon as penance. :D