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1 March 2016

Views from the Train

I have gone all away from the morning, the train rushing madly on, the chug chug chug of its wheels underneath me and the shaking of its rapid walls, the clang and rattle, and the long, repeated screech as we approach and leave the stations.

Morning was pale yellow as I peeped underneath the blind, the sky streaked and cloudy, the landscape flat and broad. Trees were sparse and low, bare and spindly, not the trees of home. I saw no mountains, I saw no rivers. 

But my father will be there on my arrival – there in the hot landscape where we'll live with his new wife; his new old, fat old wife with the white streak in her bright black hair and the scornful smile on her deep red lips.

hot and flat
low scrub in red dust
yet birds rise

MiIdura Vines
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Written for Haibun Monday #8 at dVerse


  1. Aah a tough destination that, but the haiku is filled with positivity in the end!

  2. Now, that's what I call a *real* journey, Rosemary.

  3. Enjoyed the festering love for Step Mom.

  4. Wow, I can SEE that scornful smile. Yoiks. Love the haibun, Rosemary, especially the haiku. Thank heaven for nature, when humans disappoint.I am thankful for the rising birds....and spirits!

  5. So often a journey is marred with thoughts of who we might meet at the destination... not always nice to have someone new coming into our lives.

  6. The haiku is such a rewarding, positive fuelled ending!

  7. I'm in my glory reading today. I am enchanted by train travel, and this is a different look at it. Sometimes undesirable destinations mar our journey, Rosemary!

  8. This begs a story and backstory Rosemary ~ Love the sounds of the trains and the family characters awaiting at the end ~

    1. Yes, I will write them, Grace, but not in poetry.

  9. I'm with Grace, I want to know more about this girl and how the experience affected her life. The rattling of that train (and her description of the father's wife) tells so many tales...

  10. yet birds rise... survival is possible.... :)

  11. "Yet birds rise" is a fantastic line to go with a great haibun!

  12. TRain to lonEly
    kNows no trees
    oF Love.. Leaves
    fall away
    from whistles
    refRain of Kindness...

    TRain tracks
    melancholy rAils..:)