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11 January 2016

If I’d been at home when Bowie died

I’d have raised a glass
played his music loud

lit a new white candle
let it burn all the way down….

As it was, I said a prayer
silently in my mind

I posted a notice
on facebook

but first of all
I cried

just as I would have done
if I’d been at home when he died.

(I was on holiday, staying with other people. Not quite the same opportunity to pay tribute via ritual.)

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  1. Poignant and beautiful, Rosemary. It would have been a fitting tribute - as is this poem. He would have loved it.

  2. Gone he is, but the music stays with us. Lovely poem.

  3. So modern, "I posted a notice on Facebook." It is a different kind of mourning, I think. I had to resist going maudlin with constant refreshing and looking for new posts. Weird.
    I wonder how many people are posting internet tributes to David Bowie? A huge number, I bet.

  4. Nice tribute. Check out his video Lazarus his video song about his death.

  5. I think this is more or less what we all did.. but we are fortunate as poets to be able to put it in words...

  6. Beautiful tribute, to a great performer.

  7. You did the best thing you could for him. What were your hosts' feelings about Bowie? 69 isn't so very old these days if one has taken care of his/her body right. That was my lament, he died way too soon for a person of his talents. "Ch, ch, changes ..." has been going through my head a lot today.

    1. My hosts were saddened too, and remarked that it was 'too young'. But they didn't have any candles for me to light, and did have an 11-year-old daughter present. Family life cannot pause entirely for the tragedies of celebrities.

  8. Can understand the differences in traveling and at home and the samenesses too. K.

  9. I lit the candle for us both, and jammed his tunes while old memories ran down my cheeks... ♥

  10. In this age of social media there is public grief, which helps us feel less alone in our sadness. But it certainly does not take the place of the quiet grieving we do in our hearts.

  11. Many of the older folks were taken by the grief.Apt tribute Rosemary


  12. Many of the older folks were taken by the grief.Apt tribute Rosemary