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21 November 2015

High Temperatures

I turn the fans up to 3,
I pour myself another
fine cold ginger beer.

All day I have shut out
the advancing heat, 
but now it rushes 
the barriers, pours in 
through tiny cracks.

The Big Hot should always
come on a Saturday afternoon
of no appointments or duties.

There is nothing I need to do
but sleep or read, or write 
an unimportant poem –
shutting from my mind 
what is sure to come:

tonight's TV news 
telling me where the fires 
have blackened today.

Luckily that last didn't happen, but we are warned of high fire danger – as so often in an Aussie summer.

Five days later – death and devastation in two States.

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  1. Ha, it sounds like you are trapped by the heat.....and I am trapped by the snow here. I'd trade you. Smiles.

  2. I know how much more heat can trap you than the cold... Though I hate the darkness of the winter.

  3. but sleep or read, or write an unimportant poem – that's a feeling I can connect with.. hot or cold. Enjoyed this Rosemary.

  4. Welcome to summer a la Oz. If it's any consolation it will never be cooler than it is now.

  5. It is tempting to desire warmer climes when here the temperature is plunging and boilers are breaking and yet sometimes the weather forces us to do what we really feel - snuggle up, cool down, have a cold drink or a hot toddy..write a poem..perhaps the world has a plan - explained so wonderfully in your words which are always important - also very glad there were no fires..

  6. I like the uncetainty of your poem - pleasure and leisure not quite relaxed. The lazy days of summer - without the threat of fire crackling at the door sounds like heaven

  7. I had imagined you as being a townie downing a Victoria Bitter with Air-Con on full blast. Best to go down to St. Kilda for a paddle.

    1. No I am in the northernmost part of Northern Rivers, NSW, in a small town surrounded by rural areas, and not too far from beach, near Queensland border. Although I am a dinkum Aussie, I don't like either beer (the non-ginger kind) or tea!

    2. (I have family in Melbourne and visit now and then, which may have confused you – not to mention that I lived there myself 30 years, after leaving Tasmania ... but have been 21 years in my present home now.)

    3. Oh, and Age Pensioners can't afford aircon. Hence shutting the heat out (with blinds and heavy curtains) as well as fans.

  8. ha, our hot and dusty days are almost over here. the weather is getting rainy and cooler. anyway, this calls for a beer (ginger or otherwise) too. :)

  9. Such a tender verse... hopefully the high fire danger will pass and no harm will come upon.

    Lots of love,

  10. Thank goodness the fires didn't happen! And no poem is unimportant. Smiles.

  11. The things in life we focus on so as to keep out the news we dread....Love the Big Hot.

  12. We had forest fires this past summer here, Rosemary, so I know the dread and the concern you feel. I hid inside during the heat, too, it just got too hot. Now it is chilly and I am....hiding inside. LOL. Dont get out much, anymore. Smiles.

  13. Its really hot here also. And lots of ginger beer will be guzzled as the Christmas season encourages here.

    Have a beautiful Sunday

    Much love...

  14. It is not hot here as fall has left the trees bare and the wind calls of colder days to come.

  15. I remember in the past....our hot temperature at summer were connected with lack of water.....so we always had a reserve in the bath. I am in for the hot temperatures though....

  16. Love the feeling of nothing to do on a Saturday, but drink a cold drink and write a few lines. Hope the heat doesn't become unbearable though!

  17. What a relaxed and cool poem! I only feel the tension anticipating what the evening news will bring.

  18. There is no such thing as an unimportant poem. They all teach us something, maybe even nothing more than to distract us from the heat,


  19. The Big Hot and ginger beer - love it! Taking time to rest and recycle and just be....so very important. I like this reversal of the seasons.

  20. Glad there were no fires. Hope you stay cool.