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9 November 2015

Bears and Elephants

Elephants and bears hold grudges, hiding in trees, waiting, pistons pumping — from “ARTIFICIAL WILDLIFE SANCTUARY” by Craig Rebele. Quote found in The Bibliomancy Oracle


I gave my small bear, named Red for his hue,
to Teo, three.
I spoke to Red mind to mind, to explain
this had to be.
A boy just starting to talk needs a bear
far more than me.
Red went away without a backward glance.
‘You’re boring,’ he thought at me. ’Now I’ll dance.’


In my friend’s neat unit, the elephants
both large and small
are scattered all over. She bought not one.
‘Gifts,’ she said. ‘All’.
They have different colours and attitudes,
all beautiful.
The largest lifts a sideboard on his back.
His narrowed eyes tell me he loathes the work.

Written for 'The Eye of the Beholder – Micro Poetry' at imaginary garden with real toads'. We're allowed to write more than one; I hope it's permissible to write two together!

Form: Cavatina

The photos are mine and must not be reproduced. © Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2015


  1. Bears are the best toy to give. Snoopy dog.plush toys might be next.

  2. However vicious bears are meant to bs shown as cuddly and fluffy. So it is ok!


  3. Hah, he loathes the work, no kidding! This is so interesting, Rosemary, from start to finish.

  4. These both made me smile! Both the red teddy and the over-worked elephant give us a different perspective on our playthings and decorative details.

  5. Dancing bears and disgruntled elephants... Perfect.

  6. I LOVE what the bear thought at you. And feel for the elephant. Maybe he needs some time out from under, sitting at the window! Loved these, Rosemary and clicked to your site with alacrity when I saw the title.

  7. The items in our homes mean quite a lot to us! I love that you gave him away to one so small!

  8. Very enjoyable to read and enter into the photo image and your thoughts.

  9. Love the poems and photographs. I love the idea of "he thought at me"

  10. So your birthday is in three. I came to read your poetry. I needed them-made me smile. Thank you and Happy Birthday Rosemary-Danni Love

  11. I like how you have gently inserted the eye of the beholder into these--both, but especially the second. It's fun to imagine what our mute possessions might think or feel, and I fear you describe it accurately.

  12. The last line of the second one just cracked me up. I like the form. Very cool stuff, Rosemary.

  13. This is super charming--actually, I think they work together, as in both the objects are rather animated, and gifts do their work. Take care, Rosemary--lovely whimsical work. k.