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11 October 2015

If Unicorns Were Real, Where Are They Now?

I am wearing a white T-shirt with blue writing:
Unicorn Success Club, and there’s a picture –
black head in silhouette,
a flicked-up mane and one long horn.

Where have the unicorns gone?
And what would be success for a unicorn?

I ask an angel, who says:
‘They are on their own planet now,
but they go all over the universes
clearing out areas of negative energy.’  Yes!

Written for Up Close & Personal – Micro Poetry (limit 10 lines) at 'imaginary garden with real toads'.


  1. From loving unicorns as a very young child, (and still do) I moved to white horses and found that they have been like sign posts in my life. If a see a white horse, then I know I am travelling as I should be. Your poem is a lovely reminder as to why that may be.

  2. This is a great sonnetina, on a topic close to my heart. I always dislike the part in the story which said the unicorns were too late to get on the ark. I do hope they are out there somewhere.

  3. I have always thought that unicorns will come back one day... They are just waiting for the right moment.

  4. I smile, Rosemary. They are a very believable creature. However, I will pass until I see one.
    Our six-year-old granddaughter has one, imaginary, that she is responsible for. Once in her travels she left "Unie" behind. Not a good scene for either of them.

  5. What delightful thoughts indeed. Greetings and best wishes!

  6. That's a good possibility, smiles ~

  7. I always wanted to see and touch a unicorn. May we find out where they are.

  8. The constructs of our fantasies are sometimes more powerful than we give them credit for.

  9. Fun thought. That t-shirt is a living sign!

  10. Success for a unicorn? that someone believes and wrote them a poem, as you just have. I love the angel's response. Yay! Bring on the unicorns!

  11. This is so charming--and very good questions, Rosemary--what would be success for a unicorn? I don't think it would involve seven figures, but maybe four legs. k.

  12. I have seen UFOs, had a glimpse of a Sasquatch, live in a house rife with portals ghostly walk throughs, but the unicorns have hidden from me for now; glad you have cleared up my conundrum.