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18 October 2015

Calling Home

Thank God! Glad to hear from you, bro.
Fantastic that you made the connection.
I know you’re good, but I was starting
to get just a little bit worried. So –
what year is it where you are? Heck,
that far back, hey? You might have hurried
a bit too much, overdone the traction …
but no matter, what are they like?

You’re speaking from what kind of phone?
The rotary dial? That you yank with one finger?
Missed it by decades! That Tardis needs an upgrade.  
And you’re in AUSTRALIA? You’ll never blend in there.

For the Friday prompt at 'imaginary garden with real toads': to write a poem including a rotary phone, and if there's a caller they must not be from that era.


  1. Not easy to travel on a phone-booth these days,... All that magic is gone.

  2. LOL......"you'll never blend in there." Loved this.

    1. Decorate it with beer cans and football slogans....no worries mate !

  3. Ha. Very clever, Rosemary--Thanks. k.

  4. Yes, this is so clever..."What year is it where you are?" I think I could actually ask that question of some people I know.

  5. Hahaha! One of my would make a good Dr. Who. Australia, huh? Haha. The hardest part of dial now would be waiting for its traction.

  6. "What year is it where you are?" I love that, and expect that people may soon begin asking me the very same question!

  7. I agree with brudberg, the magic is gone from phones...well done.

    Thanks for visiting.