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31 July 2015

Night of the Blue Moon

I use my laser-tipped shaft
– a long crystal laser –
wand and athame both.

I cast a simple circle,
no elaborate ritual tonight.
I’m a plain and basic witch.

I welcome the elements,
creating sacred space
in my small back yard.

Even in moonlight
the trumpet creepers
glow bright orange.

The trees bend in
above me; the rose bush
has tight new leaves.

It has been a strange day.
Now I reach night, and accept
that some friendships grow old.

This, though, is constant: me
and the full moon together
in a garden, year after year.

I let the day go, in its pain.
With raised arms, I accept
into myself the moon’s white light.

I draw it down, and use it
to bless the plants and my cat
and the listening nature spirits.

I ask that the world will know
love, peace and truth. I ask
to be strong. And wise.

Linked to Poets United's Midweek Motif: Acceptance

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  1. I thought that was lovely. Inspiring thoughts.

  2. What more can we ask or hope for. Each in our own way. A better world. And the strength, perhaps, to work toward it.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Rosemary! I love all the imagery. Just very beautiful and comforting :)

  4. Rosemary,

    A most interesting and rewarding perspective about acceptance..The blue moon will be focusing minds world-wide!

  5. Rosemary, this is a stunning poem. I was out in my yard under the blue moon last night too - I love the description of casting the circle, the brightness of the trumpet blooms.......the acceptance felt. "Some friendships grow old." Yes. I love the prayers at the end. A fantastic poem!

  6. I ask that the world will know
    love, peace and truth. I ask
    to be strong. And wise.

    Noble thoughts Rosemary! Pity those powerful decision makers are prompted by a weird agenda!


  7. This poem has me breathing in....and breathing out. I like the idea of letting the day go in acceptance and asking to be strong and wise!

  8. now that is a great poem to end the day with - packed full of wisdom and peace


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