I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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18 April 2013

Chatting to the Dead

A beautiful autumn day!
You know we always said
the one thing even more beautiful
than autumn in Melbourne
is autumn here on the Tweed.
Well, it still is, even with you
not here to enjoy. But I hope
you can look in, and still appreciate 
the joys of time and place.

I had fun today,
turning your old office
into a room for me.
Not a workroom but a play room,
with all my Tarot cards handy
and a small desk in the corner 
where the sun comes in.
But you know this. I told you,
inviting you to come and see.

I wonder if you did?
I felt you would have liked it.
You always liked the way
I expressed myself,
making the home pleasant.
I felt as if you were there
beside me as I chatted away,
smiling your approval —
the constant expression of love.

Poetic Asides April Poem A Day Challenge 2013, 17: express.
And submitted for Poets United's Verse First: Wake Up and Love!


  1. Love it Rosemary. Thanks for sharing. I've not written much in the way of poetry but my friend does and I really enjoy it. I may just be inspired to have a go myself one day soon. Blessings, Cherie.

  2. Maybe it's not your nature but you have to be still for some of the time in order for the loved ones to talk back.
    I loved the visuals that your words evoked. I could just see you happily arranging the room not just for your purpose but to please him too.
    My eyes were not dry throughout.

  3. Oh and another thing Rosemary - I am in the process of writing a funeral ceremony for Monday and a niece of the deceased shared with my by email this evening how hard it has been for her to come to terms with not being able to call her relative anymore. I tell people to 'talk to them anyway' - I did and it really helped a lot.

  4. If you felt it, then I'm sure he was there. So much love comes through in your poems.

  5. Rosemary,

    Love is threaded throughout this beautiful poem. I have no doubt that the subject of your poetic words, will be more than pleased:)


  6. It is so good, Rosemary, that you are able to continue to talk with him, even about the everyday things that you borh shared....and I am sure he does hear!

  7. I love that you talk to him, Rosemary, and that you turned that room into a place for yourself, to write in a sunny window, to read your cards. I love that you chat away to him, and I am sure he hears you!

  8. Thank you all for your understanding words. I find I have to operate on the assumption that he's around and able to hear, just for my own equilibrium. I tried telling myself he must have moved on, but that was too hard to deal with.

  9. Amazingly rtomantic... Putting forth the longing!

  10. I'm sure he had fun too chatting with you. I got a sense of a little loneliness, a little sadness but a lot of love. Hugs.

  11. Life moves on! I salute your spirit.