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1 November 2011

31st October

The little girls from across the road
came trick-or-treating tonight
in their witch and fairy costumes.

We’d forgotten Halloween, crude
corruption of Samhain — 
which anyway is a different season 
here, different time of year.

But we had some jellybeans,
emergency rations in case
his blood sugar drops. I poured a handful 
into their empty icecream bucket.

I wonder what they’d have said
if they’d known the smiling old couple,
their neigbours, were actual witches.

Submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #73.

This poem also appears in Sherry's feature for Poets United: Poems for a Witchy Halloween, along with poems by herself and Magaly Guerrero.


  1. we have a very black cat hanging about if you would like to borrow him ...

  2. Love to! But our resident black cat woud probably object, :)

  3. I suppose it could have been a teaching moment.

  4. They were a bit young for that, I think, and mainly interested in the lollies. When at first I said, 'I haven't got a treat, you'll have to do a trick instead,' they looked blank, and then alarmed. Lucky I remembered the jelly beans. :)


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