I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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5 November 2011


we walked hand in hand
now we reach out but can’t touch
do you lag behind
or are you leading the way
in another direction?

you come seeking me
‘I think I lost you,’ you say,
‘we lost connection’
I lean into your embrace
‘yes, I just wrote that poem’

Composed for the dVerse Man’yoshu prompt 
(though I was too late to include it in the list).

If you're looking for a post on colour, my apologies for the wrong link. Try this.


  1. It's sad to lose the connection, but here in this powerful poem, you seem to find it again. Wonderful.

  2. Yes we did. :) Thank you.

    All perfectly autobiographical, and happened just today.

  3. full of longing of that old connection and the trust and love which used to be there..leaning into him..beautifully done rosemary

  4. oh i really like that .... esp the second part....the honesty yet still leaning in...heavy with feeling...

  5. Thank you, Brian and Claudia. I'm glad of the way this turned out, both poetically and maritally!

  6. I LOVE this, Rosemary, simple love it.

  7. How easily connections are lost, how wonderful when they are found again - I love both parts of this poem, even more knowing it's based on a true event.

  8. followed you over looking for some 'color' but your link at dverse for Poetics is not working...figured i would let you know in case something happened with it...

  9. Thanks Brian, I've posted it again and it works now.

  10. I am here for the color but love the missing you poem. I so want to lean into an embrace.

  11. Thanks for your comments, laurie, turtlememoir and oceangirl. I'm glad I managed to convey the feeling!

  12. That last line is so cool. You represent these feelings in perfect simplicity.

  13. Rosemary, I loved this. I'm sorry I missed it on the FormForAll day but these are lovely loving tankas. Exquisite. Thank you. I came looking for your color piece but it said it was now gone. Sorry for that. Love your work.

  14. Thank you, Victoria! 'Perfect simplicity' is something I strive for. :)

    Gay, I'm glad you found your way here; thank you for your heartening words. I seem to have mucked up the linking; will add the colour link to this post.

  15. I like this. So many times it seems we lose connection...it is good that in this poem it was re-established again before the drift was great.

  16. Wonderful piece!
    You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  17. I loved this. Thanks for sharing this with us. Brings back love, trust, longing. Loved the way you trapped the emotions in so simple words..!!

    This is my first visit here but I have been reading your comments around WordPress and I rather like your approach, and so here I am..!!
    i loved reading through your site.
    i am following it..!!

    by the way, i’m shiny, a new blogger and i love penning down my feelings and thoughts, if u can just comment on my posts,,so as to make the future posts better..
    ..and i just love reading any poetry & literature..

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