I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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19 March 2017

Singing a Blessing

It was the Autumn Equinox.
We women, in a circle,
sang an Irish blessing.
One led us, playing a harp.
May the road rise to meet you.

I sang in silent tears, remembering
times I'd used those words before
as prayers of farewell for men I'd loved
(more than one and all loved true).
May the wind be always at your back.

But that was long ago. Instead
two grown children came to mind –
one son, one grandson, cut from my life.  
The men they are I do not trust or like.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.

I will not see or speak to them again,
and yet I love. I chose at last to send 
to them too this blessing; these prayers  
they cannot hear. My tears increased.
May the rain fall softly at your feet.

And then I turned from pain to happiness:
a man I met once, in another country, 
a love that could not be, which we made lasting
friendship (easier with an ocean in between).
And until we meet again ...

I know now that we shall not meet again
in this life, but we're past grief or longing –
in this life did it right. We never said farewell, 
no need. I sing, in happy tears, a wish for him:
May God hold you in the hollow of Her hand.


Re last line – It was a Goddess Circle. We understand God as having more than one aspect / expression / form / gender, and in this instance we chose to say 'Her' rather than 'His'.

I know the line about the rain is wrong – should be 'on your fields', not 'at your feet' – but that's how I heard and sang it on the day.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Straight from your heart.

  2. How I love this sing, yes, this song. As I read, my own loves came to mind and more. Your poem became this morning's meditation. Thank you!

  3. A life so glorious that only joy can shine upon it. Thank you for opening your heart.

  4. Beautifully wrought. I refer to God as S/He and find it refreshing to hear God as other than male gender.

  5. How beautiful! Just love this.

  6. Rosemary, this is one of the most meaningful poems I have read recently. Perhaps because I can really identify with certain parts of it....and I think it just might be universal. It is good to be able to remember in this way the people one has loved...and to remember fondly. It is also good to come to terms with those in one's life who are not a part of it (by choice) and to send them a blessing as well. Not everyone can do that. Sigh.

  7. this is a wonderful poem of love melting in blessing for all...

  8. Love the emoton and the poem within the poem.

  9. Perhaps we all should write such a song. I quite liked the rain falling at your (their) feet as a blessing which sound quite acceptable. Mother God would I am sure be quite OK by me too. Great poem.

  10. Having myself, cut off two family members, from my life, due to the harm that they did to me, not sure, I give them, the love, you have done so, in this poem, Rosemary. A very beautiful poem, I may add.

  11. I love the rain falling "at your feet" ... the ache the beauty it is all here

  12. We never said farewell,
    no need. I sing, in happy tears,
    a wish for him

    It is most noble to wish well those who may have caused some earlier sorrow to oneself.It has a way of making it easy after that to make friends with others though it may not be as close as one desires!


  13. So many parts of this rend the heart wide open, like "a love that could not be" and choosing to send blessing to those you will not see or speak to again. Your words are so powerful, Rosemary.

  14. It is pointless harbouring bitterness or resentment.Best let sleeping dogs lie, sending nothing to awake them.Wishing no ill on anyone is not quite the same as sending blessings.

    1. True, and until this occasion I was more 'wishing no ill' on the 'sleeping dogs'. It was liberating to do some well-wishing at last, but I am still well guarded against any incursions.

  15. Oh Rosemary, this is so incredibly tender and poignant! Each verse has such strong and tangible emotions that my heart beats a hundred times faster. Powerfully penned.

    Lots of love,

  16. Very, very beautiful writing here. Full of sadness and joy.

  17. This is a very sweet look into what this beautiful prayer means to you personally.

  18. Absolutely brilliant the way you've woven the lines of the old Irish prayer into your very personal and touching poetry. Inspired and inspiring!

  19. I lovely poem a tribute to all!

  20. A heart rendering write. :-)

  21. Lovely and powerful, Rosemary. The joy and the grief of expected loss--which we know won't be eternal--is so vividly represented by dancing, singing and crying on the Autumnal Equinox.

  22. this is such a beautiful expression of love; for to bless is to express God quality

    much love...

  23. This is such a strong writing.. love resentment loss, and hope that somewhere there will be a place to reconnect...

  24. I like the way you have incorporated the Irish blessing as the end line in each stanza.

  25. I love it even more this morning, feel the fullness of the remembering, the tears, the love, the richness of it all: this life. I, too, love the last line of each stanza being a blessing. That is a very cool technique.

  26. A wonderful read here. And may all thoughts be carried to those on natures soft winds.

  27. Beautifully drawn ... tenderly rendered ... moving. The blessings woven through are lovely and serene - and yet powerful and emotive.

  28. Very nice... no apologies :)

  29. It was beautiful reading about your memories, Rosemary. Some sad some dear. thank you for sharing them with us.

  30. I love this Rosemary the memories intertwined with the song. The loves of our lives their meetings and passing. May we all meet again come new life and new breath...bkm

  31. What a sweet and bitttersweet blessing that took me right along. I thought you might enjoy this post about our community's recent crone ceremony. http://www.looseleafnotes.com/2017/03/ages-stages-and-sages/

  32. I am touched. This is beyond beautiful.

  33. Ah, Lost love!Sigh...it's not easy to remove oneself from the situation....We all have the ability to change our state of mind, and ultimately be happy regardless of how we expect things will unfold.
    A simple, honest and a powerful poen, Rosemary! Loved it...

  34. You are such an interesting person and no wonder, your life and poetry reflect it.