I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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30 March 2017

On Being Asked to Write a Poem Praising Gender

Can't do it really. Gender
is necessary of course
so that sperm can meet egg
to continue the human race
(the value of that debatable)
and cause for gladness, if
you're glad to be here (I am)
and glad we're all here, which,
as I said, is debatable, but
if the rest of you weren't,
I'd be lonely – so, OK.
But praiseworthy? Not as
a thing in itself; after all,
it just is. 'Praise God,
from whom all blessings flow'?
Well, I guess it's a fairly nifty
piece of creation, and
brings with it pleasure, or 
the chance of; so again, OK.
But really, how to go on?

I praise the man who is strong,
the woman who is gentle.
I praise the man who is gentle,
the woman who is strong. 
I praise the nurturing man, and woman;
and the courageous woman, and man.
I praise the kind mother
and the kind father;
the protective father 
and the lioness mother.
I praise intelligence
wherever I find it, in whatever
shape of body – it's useful
and makes life interesting.
And I praise goodness of heart
in any man, woman or child,
or animal. These qualities don't sit
between our legs, nor on
our chromosomes. I praise the wealth
of possibilities in being human.

For Poets United's Midweek Motif ~ Gender


  1. nothing could be truer than that...'being human' if only we were!...sigh...love the conversational note...

  2. I could not agree more.Gender has nothing to do with goodness kindness gentleness or intelligence. These are the qualities that matter.Keep dry !

  3. ." I praise the wealth
    of possibilities in being human."

    Great write Rosemary

    Much love...

  4. Truth condensed! Brilliant!
    I like it all, but especially this:
    "I praise intelligence
    wherever I find it, in whatever
    shape of body – it's useful
    and makes life interesting."
    And there you have what could be the bottom line for the kindness and equality possible in humanity. A fine vision.

  5. Sadly, for some people, the only thing that manners, is what found, between your legs, Rosemary. In building, a power base, around this, to punish others, who disagree.

    1. It is indeed sad, and reprehensible, and stupid. But if it isn't easy to overturn, then we'll just have to keep on trying hard.

  6. Yes! It's the possibilities in each of us that matter!

  7. OH! MY! GODDESS! I SO wish I had written this for it is PERFECT. My new fave of yours. Exceptionally wonderful.

  8. Such wisdom in your lines. Gender and color of skin should not be our criteria for taking the measure of someone we meet. Well said!

  9. This suggests equality is promising...So, best is to remove the artificial social divides we place between genders altogether. Brilliant and inspiring poem, Rosemary!

  10. Well expressed. If we trust the latest research on the subject, this dream will become reality

  11. How I agree with all you have written now we need to convince not only most men of this but many women too.

    1. That, I've been trying all my life! But after all, it's worth the attempt.

  12. A complete comprehensive painting. Nice!