I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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19 December 2016

Safe from Storm

Here we are again, 
me and my small black cat.
She is licking her tail,
one leg stuck up high
beside her head …
now she is scratching
briskly behind an ear.

We are in our garden.
It is not yet wet,
but rain threatens to fall
from the closing-in sky.
Everything is still, in a dead
pause, as if fetching
power out of the air.

As without, not within!
I give her a pat,
watch her uncoil.
We know, by and by
the sky will rain hard,
make thunder. But, watching,
by then we’ll be inside our door.

She is enough companion
to soothe my heart
and keep it sweetly full.
I hope that also I
fulfil her deepest need.
Contentment is catching,
I trust, for me and for her.


  1. I love this poem. I love my family, but I do miss the days when I lived alone with my cat.

  2. I love "she is enough companion to soothe my heart and keep it sweetly full"........our fur companions do give us that great gift. Lovely, Rosemary.

  3. "Contentment is catching." I begin to see a little of this settledness in my kitties too as they have less need to be watchful of me.

    1. Oh, it has taken them quite some time, too, Susan! But yes, it does come in the end, when they are safe and loved.

  4. Well composed insight into a peaceful satisfaction

  5. One just can't avoid a feline's presence without connecting with it with nice feelings!