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30 April 2015

Why I Am Not a Gardener

Little white flutterers,
I loved them, dancing
all over our garden.

My Dad swore at them
and told me they were not
butterflies, they were moths.

Cabbage moths, he said,
pests out to destroy
all his lovely vegetables.

I still welcome them
in their hordes, still like them
better than cabbages.

For prompt 29 of 'Poems in April' at 'imaginary garden with real toads', we were to write a poem about a flower named after an animal, or a bird or animal named after a flower. I hope an insect named after a vegetable is close enough!


  1. Excellent! Perfect title and sense images!

  2. Good closing line. chuckles.

  3. Perfect! I like them better than cabbages too.

  4. Ha! Charming. Thanks, Rosemary. It has been fun writing with you this month. K .

  5. Oh yes.. How can you love the cabbage more?

  6. I like cabbage, Rosemary. Hard to tell about the moths. They must be very pretty, I've seen them I think, almost swarms of them? I like reading about your garden. I think you need to have a fairy in it.
    Last day, tomorrow. I'm almost looney. For sure I'm tired of posting even when I don't have time or energy.

    1. I do have fairies in my garden. :)

    2. And yes, the cabbage moths do practically swarm.

  7. Oh Rosemary, I think you and I would make such great neighbors. I enjoy letting everything live (if I get my chance, why shouldn't others), so my weeds are precious, I relocate wee crawlers others have labelled pests, we admire the weaving genius of spiders... and so on. If I garden outside, I would probably just feed the squirrels.

    I love this poem. I can see the little girl pouting when her daddy "swore" at the pretties... Then I see the grown woman grin because now no one can swat her pretties away.

    This one made me smile widely. Thank you! ♥

    1. Nice to meet someone else who cherishes weeds and spiders!

  8. nice write, im sure i've seen some thinking they are butterflies; i still cant tell the difference with some of them

    happy you dropped in to read mine

    much love...

  9. For a kid everything that flies is butterfly, such innocence in a kid's heart lies:)

  10. hah! they are pests to my tomatoes, so I admit I'm not nearly so forgiving as you ~

  11. Love this poem and all the creatures that visit my garden. I garden for the bee and bugs :-)