I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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9 April 2015

My Dear Volkswagen

What a little hero you were
in the poem I wrote you.

I gave you a voice,
dreams, a personality.

I told your story —
how you almost drowned

going all the way under,
spluttering, but hauled back out.

It was a fine poem. 
It even rhymed.

It was published several times —
twice in anthologies for schools!

Dear Volkswagen,
it isn't your fault. It's me.

You are the one, if any,
I shall be remembered for 

(though it's actually you
who'll be remembered)

so I should be grateful, but
our relationship's gone stale 

after so long reciting you by heart
on any and every occasion,

knowing just where to put 
each pause and inflection

just how to use
and manipulate you

parading you before the crowd,
stripping you to your soul

then smiling for applause
which really belongs to you.

The thing is, dear Volkswagen,
you are Everyman (Everywoman)

and everyone relates. Only I
no longer love you. It's very sad.

Today's prompt for 'Poems in April' at 'imaginary garden with real toads' we are asked to write about a poem of our own that we've fallen out of love with.  At dVerse we are asked to write a letter poem. I've combined them. 

The original poem is The Day We Lost the Volkswagen


  1. Expressed with a whole load of sincerity and passion... beautifully written.. :D

  2. Love this Rosemary. Made me think of Billy Collins style

  3. There really is something about a Volkswagen, I think. What's not to love? Smiles. I really get attached to cars, have a hard time when it is time to sell them. I have never had a Volkswagen though. Smiles.

  4. I wonder if singers feel this way about songs? I'm feeling this one.

  5. A very nice write. In our case we had to sell our VW because every time we tried to put the kids seat in the back, we hit our heads on the door frame. That killed our love too, but not the fond memories.

  6. I love it. I feel this way about one of my stories

  7. My 2001 VW Cabrio convertible & I love your poem!

  8. I love VW and it is sad, but you did sad in a great way~

  9. OH GOD.. i have a Passport for literally 15 years and never really
    go anywhere of value in it.. i loved that Passport.. even though
    it cannot take me places i truly wanna go..
    And now there's a Civic.. a Honda too..
    I no longer love cars..
    People are my

    And yes.. i write
    Poem for the Passport
    when i sell it away

  10. Ha. Very clever, Rosemary--and easy to relate to. Thanks. k.

  11. :) I once had a VW. Overheated on the freeway. Lost my love right then. ~

  12. Inflection gone? that says it all

  13. I think I would like your Volkswagen, Rosemary. Literally, I used to own a '62 white VW with a fold back cloth roof. After it stranded me one time that I was trying to run away I bought a used '69 Thunderbird that would 'take me anyplace.'
    So really I would like the poem, I hope it Volkswagen is still in the title.

  14. What a story behind that poem - the car and the previous poem both! How we can fall in and out of love with objects and even our own creations. Stale through repetition? I enjoyed this very much.

  15. Really nice poem!

  16. Gosh I just love both poems, and can appreciate (hence the prompt) that feeling of just being DONE with it, even though people like it (and should like it). This is so lovely, and I am so glad you shared it. I am glad to know the VW poem (my folks had not one but 3 VW buses when I was a kid) and to know you a bit better through all of this, too.

  17. VW are wonderful cars. I have had a few myself.

  18. I LOVE it, and know just what you mean by knowing too well every inflection of those old faves........this made me smile!

  19. Perfectly expressed, Rosemary! I can relate.

    I really wanted a VW Super Beetle when I was younger--never got one, but I did have a Rabbit for a while.

  20. Love the personification of the VW!! Well done!!

  21. This was great :) I like how you are connecting with your car - it is an integral witness to some profound moments.

  22. How tragic to have something important that becomes so mundane that it becomes undesirable. Nicely done with the letter!