I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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30 January 2014

NaHaiWriMo Jan. 2014

Writing to prompts posted at the NaHaiWriMo site on facebook
(the prompt word did not have to be included in the haiku but was meant to inspire)

1: ascension

the basketball
springs from the small boy's hands
guided by the father



I love take-off,
that sharp tilt and climb
to lose the ground

I love flight 
up through foggy cloud
into endless blue

2: abyss

I seem to swirl and fall
staying upright

3: art/artists

possum-skin cloaks
elders and children create

(Bunjilaka exhibition, Museum Victoria)

4: azaleas

travelling north
our only regret 
the azaleas he planted

5: abbey

weathered sandstone
this peaceful old church
built by convicts

6: adrift

glassy sea
the bare-masted yacht

7: amber

summer sunset
trees and water
radiate light

8: absinthe

bright green
they dance in the light
my bling things

9: Adam 

laughing talking
dining with my friend
my stepson

10: anatomy

slow lizard
on splayed legs
no rain yet

11: admission

heat enters 
closed doors

12: apocalypse

the bush fires
still burn

13: addiction

summer night
I remember
the child he was

14: acorn

strange seed
taking root in our soil
grows alone

15: Apartheid

we hide from each other

16:  absent

your absence
is never absent
from my thoughts

17: ambiguous

grey clouds
mass in the sky
without rain

18: angel

I tremble
as the aweful voice says,
‘Have no fear’.

19: appreciation

the child blows away
the feather I give her
laughing for joy

20: arithmetic 

one and one make two
two made one that was three
till my brother came

21: abandon

high summer
the cat by the fan
legs in air

22. Aphrodite

Spring morning
an empty shell
lands on the sand

23. answered/unanswered

laughing loudly
into the silence
one kookaburra

24. ache

heated pool
I float
without pain

25. apparition

since you died
wandering pointlessly
I’m ghost

26 after the storm

dripping leaves
a chorus of sparrows
clearing rain

27 alchemy (the transformation of a substance of lesser 
value into one of greater value, e.g., straw into gold). 

heavy rain
at last a bud
on the rosebush

28 apology

Australia Day
can we make the word Sorry
mean something?

29 absolution

too tired 
for unforgiveness
falling rain

30 alternative

to rise 
or fall?
sleepless night

31 afterlife

(for Pete Seeger)

at rest
in art and song
eternal life

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