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28 November 2013

Free Falling, and If Books Were Free

Free Falling

I let go 
the stone
and it 
straight to 
the ground

The dandelion seed 
on its feathery white parachute,
dancing, dipping 
and tilting
this way and that,
floating down slowly.

If Books Were Free

If books were free,
I'd collect all the  stories
and read them the rest of my life.
I'd never have nothing to read.

Some would sit on my shelf,
some would be on my device.
Some I would give away.
The best I would keep to re-read.

Books are my friends and family,
books are my food and drink.
I get them for birthdays and Christmas
but I never have enough.

You can't have too many books,
but you can have too few.
If books were free and I had enough room …
I’d probably need an extra life!

Poetic Asides November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge: day 26, free (blank) and (blank) free.

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