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7 November 2013

Somonka Challenge 7

Collaborations with Bruce Niedt
for Poetic Asides

Overcast sky.
No moon lights my way
to find you.
How can I discern
the path to your door?


I will leave
a candle in the window,
the latch open.
I will sing a night song
and have tea ready.



A magpie warbles
at my gate.
I send you the song
across distance.


When I hear it
I will fashion clouds
to its music.
When the weather turns
they will sail to you.



Update, 15 January 2014: I'm overjoyed that the second of these collaborations was runner-up in the Poetic Asides challenge (in which I felt every poem submitted was a delight to read). Read the detailed results here.


  1. Exquisite.

    This is something I love about tanka collaborations. Unlike the more oblique associations of renga (and haiku in general), both tanka poets can sing directly to each other in an intimate 'call & response' fashion. These works remind me of the ancient Japanese custom of lovers sending poems literally tied to a flowering branch or other meaningful object.

  2. a beautiful Tanka collaboration...

  3. Thank you both. I personally am enraptured by Bruce's gorgeous responses to my verses, lifting each 'call and response' pair to a level indeed exquisite.

  4. Perfect...beautiful. Well done, you both!