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28 December 2011

I'm replete: December tanka 2011

suddenly onscreen
yellow gorse with prickly leaves
straight from my childhood
on the island growing wild
long time since I tramped that land


for dinner
our broccoli
newly picked
our own fresh herbs
in the omelette


My sixtyish friend
is visiting Zambia.
Young, she taught there —
now meets those women again.
Her glad email makes me cry.


the clover is out
all over the nature strips
at the corner house
steering the mower she laughs
and waves from her father’s lap

I trudge up the hill
tonight Basil the corgi
rests on his doorstep
I click my tongue as I pass
we’ve had two days of cuddles

old Coco spaniel
stops to let a car swerve past
then goes slow uphill
but I notice he’s faster
than old me puffing behind


I’m replete
of everything
but poetry

Post-xmas #gogyohka


Submitted to dVerse Open Night #24 and Poets United's Poetry Pantry #81


  1. ah there is it...now off to read it...smiles.

  2. the one on your friend meeting the ladies again made me smile all over...almost as much as your dinner made me hungry...smiles. i am glad you have that contentedness...

  3. Basil -- did he get his name from Fawlty Towers' John Cleese? :)

    And I can relate to the "straight from my childhood' image. I feel that way about things that suddenly pop up and bring rushes of memory back.



  4. I know exactly how you're feeling - you have also described accurately my post-Christmas state.

  5. Thanks, dear people.

    Jannie, I don't know his owner well enough to ask; it is usually only Basil I see in their yard. But I doubt it — he is a fat, good-natured little fellow, most unlike Basil Fawlty.

  6. Nice series of tanka poems..the food verse made me hungry...

    I agree with you about poetry...I too can never get enough of it ~

  7. I enjoyed your tankas. So much good stuff to contemplate. Makes me appreciate the poetry blogospher.

  8. fine gems of poetry

  9. Oh I so enjoyed every line and every puffing step up the hill with you!

  10. Rosemary~
    You share insight and perspective into the workings of your world with these clipped pieces. I felt like I was glancing through a photo album or enjoying a chat over tea. Wonderful!

  11. the fourth and the last one touched me. I enjoyed though each one of them. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Wish you have a great new year ahead.... May you have peace, love and prosperity ...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  12. These are lovely, and I agree with Sashi, the last two stanzas are quite touching. And the last one is satisfying too.

  13. love that last one. me too. happy new year, Rosemary!