I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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16 August 2011


I don’t love cities,
but I entered Venice —
in a speedboat not a gondola —
and the sun on the water sang.

In the great buildings 
along the canals 
the soft-coloured stone 
seemed to breathe.

A man in black created 
toys of coloured glass,
taking a murky lump from the fire
in tongs, and twisting it bright.

Cobbled lanes 
one person wide
brought me face to face
with windows of carnival masks.

In a vast room covered in art
were paintings by Paul Veronese
who became an Ascended Master,
surprisingly pastel and pretty.

The Bridge of Sighs 
was a covered walkway.
Sadness lingered still
in the cells on the other side.

San Marco was slightly awash.
Decades earlier my friend wrote a poem
on ‘the tesselated tiles of San Marco’.
I sent her a postcard saying I was there.

My foster-son
who was living in Modena then
was an enthusiastic guide,
beaming and telling the stories.

In the centre of Venice there are
no cars, no cars, no cars.
Think of an inner city 
without any cars!

Cities are places 
I do not love. 
But when I think of Venice
my heart surges with song.

Prompted by 'Going Urban' at dVerse.


  1. A wonderful and personal narrative of what I imagine to be one of the most beautiful cities. My dream of one day visiting stays alive with this write! Thanks for sharing on the dVerse Wall! I found you :)

  2. ah yes - venice is a beautiful city..i love that you entered in a speed boat..great contrast to an environment that breathes romance from every single pore.. i recently read a children's book (i love to read children's books..phsss but don't tell anyone...) and it plays in venice...highly recommendable...the thief lord by cornelia funke...

  3. Natasha, thanks for finding me! Yes, do visit one day. Turn the dream into a plan. :) My visit was in 1998 and only for a day, yet the mere thought still makes my heart sing!

    Claudia, so glad you got to see this one inspired by your lovely prompt. I love to read children's books too! So I'll look out for that one; thank you.

  4. It sounds so lovely, romantic. I've seen so many videos now of exactly how much it's sinking. Walkways now inches under water where before they were above it so you didn't get wet feet.
    Your prose made it sound so inviting.

  5. Mama Zen, I'm glad you do.

    Daydreamertoo, sad about the sinking! I'm glad I saw it when that was less advanced. And I'm glad I managed to convey something of the Venice I encountered. (But hey, I hope this is poetry, not prose! Isn't prose that other stuff, where the lines go all the way to the margins?)

  6. sounds wonderful. no cars. maybe I'll have to go there.

    I saw glass blowing locally. how amazing to see it molten and shaping.

  7. The surrounding larger Venice that has grown up has all the usual vehicles. :(

    But at least the old, original, beautiful Venice is free of them.

  8. what adventure shared.

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