I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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31 August 2011


Now the moon
is getting on with the business of growing
daily a little more,
inching into Her eventual fullness.

Here on the ground
I decide this month of poetry journalling
shall be a book
a chapbook of my relationship with Her.

First the cover.
I won’t steal but I have no moon photos 
of my own.
I choose instead this lump of lapis lazuli.

it shows one crescent edge, deep blue
fading to nothing,
the rest of the circle hidden in white light.

Behind that edge
is an arc of shadow, and an echoing curve
of golden glow
suggesting the dark side, and the reflected sun.

On the surface
flecks I know to be gold are vague and grey
like craters.
This stone depicts the moon; I convince myself.


I tell clients
that the Moon card in Tarot holds all implications
at once
of moonlight which both illuminates and distorts.

Dreams, visions ...
or illusion, deceit, delusion, self-deception....
Stay in the light
I say. Don’t wander off into the shadows.

Yet I know
the distracting, shadowy side paths can lead
to deep places
of intuition, inspiration, flowers that bloom in the dark.

Her teachings
are true but not aways straightforward.
I hold to Her, and
we move into wider space, like children exploring.

Journalling my relationship with the moon: 3
Also submitted for dVerse Open Link Night 7


  1. nice..this will be a cool month then...much inspiration comes from the moon...i like your rock as the moon...it fits...her teachings are true but not always straightforward...true that...

  2. This is very nice. The moon is a wonderful inspiration and the way with the rock.

  3. The moon always alone among the stars. A symbol for young lovers! Beautiful poetry!

  4. Full moon here, gave the moon a great shout, very true not always straightforward, but I guess that's the fun.

  5. I like the details of this discovering of the full moon. I believe we can get influence by its waves and turns, but also at the end, we can learn and manage the shadowing part of life.

    Like these lines:
    Yet I know
    the distracting, shadowy side paths can lead
    to deep places
    of intuition, inspiration, flowers that bloom in the dark.

  6. "A symbol for young lovers" (kaykuala, above comment)? How about also for 'old' lovers? --grin!

    A month of relationship with moon, that (less than) speck of dust in our firmament. How lovely it is to establish a personal connection with the Creator's symbol for us, and your symbol the rock, gloriously imaged.

    You so have a blog well-worth every visitation. And thank you for dropping in om me.


  7. What a terrific idea... I look forward to additional journal entries. I suspect they will be, like this one, wisdom-filled.

  8. moving into wider space like children exploring...this is beautiful...the moon is so mysterious..and i love how you captured this relationship with your words...in german the moon is male and the sun is female...still strange for me to think of her as female..

  9. "I convince myself" So true of all our wanderings. Your descriptions here are straightforward but still full of clear, clean image and solid language. The moon is a harsh mistress, but also a very enriching one.

  10. i will be tuning in for this series. the moon has been a magical source of creativity for me and i expect again sometime. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if i was inspired by this series of yours. when you dipped into the dark side of the moon, especially flowers blooming at night, you really grabbed hold of me:)

  11. Ah...you speak to my religion with this write, IF I were to dare say I had any. She is who I pray to, feed from, draw down, and run with. For all her mystery, I don't think one could find a simpler, more welcoming faith. You spoke to my very spirit with this write...thank you!

  12. Thank you everybody for your kind comments. I'm glad to have given you enjoyment. And I'm glad to note I am far from the only one to view the Moon as Muse and/or Goddess! A number of people on facebook are moon journalling this lunar month, and those of us who are poets are of course doing so in verse. :)

  13. This is such a great idea. I love the moon and the flow of your poem.

  14. You do have to prod her ancient mysteries, don't you? She does not tell many of her secrets, indeed.

    I shall go and speak to the moon tonight. Tell her to send you lots of more great poems, like this.

    Loved this!

  15. Thank you Ann. :)

    And thanks Jannie for the planned request. Yes please!

  16. Great photo (I'm also make jewelry and you've highlighted one of my favorite gems) and sage words. Thank you.

  17. beautiful on nature, poetry, and skills.


  18. The moon's reflection in the stone - it's a lovely image you develop here. Well done.

  19. Thank you too, chromapoesy, The Cello Strings and Glynn.