I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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1 October 2009

Tanka on Tuesday: September 2009

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First of September.
A voice in my dream cries “Wake!”
A dead branch hits the garden
fallen from the palm,
flagging another summer
littered with falling branches.


sleeping underground
is the safest for wombats
we pray they don’t try
a path across the highway
and turn up their toes, skittled


Close, he looks nervous;
closer, secretly amused.
My smile looks happy,
reflections obscure my eyes.
Body language? We look close!

(See here.)


in September sun
as new leaves and buds glisten
my friend telephones
her dying father’s lucid
they have had a lovely day


it’s Spring Equinox
here in the South of the world
a time of balance
between the light and the dark
then new life starts as light grows


sunshine and thunder
wind and the smell of new rain
from a warm blue sky
and the blind vine thrusting up
seeking light and sustenance


only three this year
gathering for Eostre
from the old coven
lighting the wishing candle
surrounded by Archangels

Stormbringer, LightStar
and DragonStar (Queen of Wands)
joined hands round the light
and remembered the others
feeling their spirits present

a sky high and blue
a spreading mulberry tree
dripping with ripe fruit
our hands stained with juice like blood
symbol of death and bright life


A response to a friend who claimed climate change is a lie,
as rivers pouring into the sea don’t cause its level to rise.

There is a balance.
Rivers and rain enter, then
But when icebergs keep melting
small Pacific islands drown.


A fresh Spring morning
yesterday’s choking dust cloud
vanished from this coast –
to infiltrate the ocean
or arrive in New Zealand?


with sunshine outside
long hours at my computer
it’s my life story
before computers long hours
thumping my old typewriter


  1. there's being a healthy skeptic then there's willful ignorance. what to do with this shared environment?

  2. I come from generations of environmentalists, way ahead of their time, and was brought up on Rachel Carson et al. The evidence has been around for a long time; only now that it's becoming overwhelming are people waking up.

    And yes, it's a vexed question. I have one friend who waxes wroth at the mere mention of Rachel Carson because she pointed out the disastrous consequences of using DDT - which he credits with having saved many lives by decimating pests that destroyed food crops, disease-carrying mosquitoes etc.

    We share the environment with non-human creatures too!

    On the other hand, I kill mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches (albeit not with DDT).