I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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28 April 2008

I'm so over ... (April Challenge 26)

Prompt: Write a poem with the title, "I'm so over (..............)"I'm so over being improved!

And yes it's true what you say:
I like the people who like me
the way I am. You tell me
I should lose the red hair,
it looks like I'm trying too hard.
I check with my hairdresser.
"It's OK to be eccentric,"
she says, only slightly defensive.
Good, I'll keep it then.

You think I should stop
making poems. It's not as if
my poetry's all that good,
you kindly point out. And not
as if it makes me happy. Well!
Luckily there are those who like
reading all these inferior
verses I love to write. I don't
in any case know how to not.

I need to get a new husband,
the one I've got's getting old.
He never did suit me anyway,
you say. Funny that all those friends
who've known us over the long haul
disagree. "You're so united!"
"You're such a team!" Our lives
are dull and empty, you insist.
They: "You're so engaged with life!"

I ought to get rid of my books,
take down all my pictures,
sell my computer,
replace my defective friends.
My beliefs are all wrong
and so are my dreams;
my memories are outright lies.
Well, I can see one change
that's overdue. Goodbye!

© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2008



  1. We have to live our lives as we see them - not how others find them. I hope the challenge you faced has made you stronger: not only to resist any challenges in the future but in your own belief of your worth.

    It always amazes me how you manage to find something to write about in a challenge and write about it so well.


  2. I hope so too! I've learnt I can get worn down, so maybe it is not resistance I need so much as a refusal to enter into some dialogues!

    Well, I've had a bit going on in my life just lately, so that makes it easy to find something relevant in any topic. :)

    Thanks for reading! And for commenting.

  3. Hm, that was a fun one. Like the guts of own path, forget detractors.

  4. I'm reminded, reading this, of a quote from a poem by Donna Kate Rushin: "I must be the bridge to nowhere but my true self".

    It's here if you're interested. I think you'd like it.

  5. Thank you, Jenny - a beauty! And a good page to bookmark. Yes, in that poem she sounds to be in much the same place I am in this one.

    Hi Pearl, thanks for your encouragement too!