I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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30 December 2017

The Roses I Post on Facebook

My hobby is to photograph roses.
I like to find them growing in gardens.
The good God, whom we are told disposes
all things, knows how a heart sometimes hardens,
therefore is using me (one supposes)
to remind others of love and pardons.
Each comes with a message, unique each day –
yet all the same really. 'Be Love,' they say.

When I visit my family down south
in the temperate climes, I thrill to see
gardens full of roses. They spill and froth
and crowd and dance, and almost sing for me.
(Or is it that songs burst from my own mouth
in my joy that so much beauty can be?)
At home I photograph roses for sale
in hot-housed bunches … but still beautiful.

The words I add to these posts are simple
wishes for peace, for love, for happiness,
for a bright day – nothing original.
Yet people cherish them, feel that they bless.
I do go into my heart for them all –
risking banality, seeking sweetness.
Whether they come from within or above,
each message is really the same one: ‘Love!’

And again, an ottava rima for the form challenge at Poetic Asides.

Also shared with The Tuesday Platform for 9 Jan. 2018 at "imaginary garden with real toads".


  1. This poem feels warm and sweet and makes me want to get roses for a loved one. Love it

    1. Thank you, Unknown. (Wish you'd signed your name, and become Known.)

  2. Be love... what a simple, profound message that is.. and what better way to deliver it than through a rose or a poem. Both are the same, aren't they!

  3. may the fragrance of roses enthralls one and all.

  4. Such a livid, fragrant bouqet of sweetness for us. Love back atcha.

  5. Yes; i experience your Roses on Facebook. They delight me

    much love...

  6. Your roses and messages on Facebook provide the much needed strength and positivity required in difficult times, Rosemary!❤️ Thank you for being you!❤️

  7. Nothing wrong with reminders of beauty and love, especially in tough times.

  8. Natural beauties bloom wonder out of us, and you are great at planting (and spreading) those seeds.

  9. Risking banality...even that's okay, I say, as long as the heart is sincere. Nicely done.

  10. Perhpas, "love," is the only message, really?

  11. What beautiful use of the form! I really love this.

  12. Your messages of love are needed and received with appreciation, Rosemary. I loved envisioning all of those roses as I read.

  13. I love roses... and sometimes we just need those simple messages to feel better... it's like that smile you give when you meet a friend or stranger.

  14. I love the smell and fell of roses but, when I was a little girl, I fell and got entangle in a large, thorny rosebush in my grandfather's garden, so I am a little afraid of them too. My favourite flowers are tulips and daffodils - no thorns!

    1. That should read 'smell and feel'!

    2. That's sad, Kim, that you had such a scary and painful experience which has left you wary. But you may freely enjoy my facebook roses – virtual thorns can do no damage!

  15. I daily wait for your Daily Rose, Rosemary. They always bring me joy, comfort, peace, love....Thank you for sending them out. Such a lovely poem for such a lovely action.

  16. Oh, thank you for your daily rose and love. We so need it!

  17. uplifting lines of sheer delight ROSEmary - I especially like your "risking banality, seeking sweetness."

  18. are simple wishes for peace,
    for love, for happiness,
    for a bright day

    Love transcends borders and obstacles and fulfills emotional needs most unselfishly. You got it beautifully, Rosemary!



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