I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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4 November 2017

Women's Craft Circle

They are making ‘soft blossoms’
from pieces of fabric
that used to be clothes –
hot pink, shiny blue, 
variegated browns,
pale green, warm orange –

cutting them in circles
traced around cups,
then threading cotton 
on fine needles, running it
in and out around the edge
and drawing it tight.

As they work, they talk
about growing trees,
keeping chickens,
and whether they like
being addressed collectively
as 'you guys’ (not ‘you women’).

They are making soft blossoms
to decorate the rims of buttons,
attach to hair clips, 
dot around belts,
edge the pockets of shorts,
adorn the frills of skirts.

Brooke is smiling wide,
demonstrating ways 
to make them tiny like daisies 
or full and bulbous; how to leave 
enough thread at start and end
to knot them off, complete.

The tip of Kymmie's tongue 
is held between her lips.
(I do that too
in concentration.)
Bronny is showing us
photos of her drawings.

Suzie is holding up
her first circlet of flowers.
She thinks it's clumsy (it's not). 
Everyone notices, also, and craves
her necklace of iridescent blue
glass that she treated and fired.

Me, I’m making a poem
of what I see, which is:
intent or laughing,
open or focused,
all of their faces 
are soft blossoms.

Shared with Poets United's Poetry Pantry #385


  1. A delightful and beautifully constructed poem of keen observation. Thank you once again Rosemary.

  2. I love "all of their faces are soft blossoms"........

  3. This one makes me smile, Rosemary. Just lovely.

  4. You have brought this scene to life, Rosemary. I do like the idea of making a poem of what you see. And, indeed you did that well!

  5. You paint the scene so well. I can see their soft faces, lit up like flowers, as they make their pretty things.

  6. I love the repetition of soft blossoms..

  7. What a scene that is.. so vivid -full of expressions and sighs and softness! That parentheses works wonderfully in the middle!

  8. Beautiful record, particularly luv
    "all of their faces
    are soft blossoms."

    Best Wishes for a Bright And Creative 2018

    much love...

  9. This is wonderful... the collective creativity of women, something that I really feel that men have been unable to achieve in the same way. Each of you doing what you do best without competition.

    1. Good point, Bjorn. Yes, entirely non-competitive, delighting in each other's achievements.

  10. How touchingly beautiful this is Rosemary. My younger married daughter is in a craft group which exhibits in Shows and this reminded so much of her.

  11. so much warmth in this circle and the way you wove the women into life with your words - really enjoyed reading this Rosemary

  12. This is beautifully woven, Rosemary!💞 I love the intricate details which you share especially; "As they work, they talk about growing trees, keeping chickens, and whether they like being addressed collectively as 'you guys’ (not ‘you women’)"💞

  13. The hustle bustle and colourful life scenes.

  14. Love your soft blossoming words here.

  15. I can feel the sisterly companionship in this poem and in the soft blossoms. Whether you can see, touch, wear or read it, a creation is something to share.

  16. If the energy glowing out of these poem is any sign, then the actual meeting must've been pure magic. Love the way they interact with each other, and the way you see them.

  17. The sweet energy of sisterhood radiates from these words.

  18. I think you capurtured this gathering of women perfectly!!

  19. What a beautiful gathering of lovely women, bringing joy and togetherness with creativity!

  20. You can tell such amazing stories of life Rosemary!

  21. I love this. The last stanza brings it to such a beautiful closing.

  22. Such a lovely way to archive what some may consider an ordinary activity. But, this moment and this poem speak of the sacred.

  23. This is so lovely, Rosemary.

  24. Just wonderful observation, and I feel you are having double fun!

  25. Very different from a boardroom type gathering. Creativity and craft elicit the soul.

  26. A wonderful observational poem. I collected bits and pieces of women's handy-work for years: embroidered dresser scarfs, crocheted pillowcase trim, hand woven runners. I was always shocked by the paltry prices attached to these items and always felt that women's handycrafts and artwork were not valued - when in fact (as you so astutely make the point) ... the act of creating (what is often a labor of love) is priceless.

    1. Sadly, women themselves have not always valued their own arts and crafts in worldly ways – and yet, we have valued them in terms of the process, and often also for the fellowship of sitting in creative circles like this. These particular women have a commitment to earning money by their work too – but you are right, the market will probably only bear relatively low prices.


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