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2 August 2015

Early Spring

Lorikeets swoop in and out of my bottlebrush.
I went for my first walk of Spring today,
though Winter isn’t officially gone.
Ah, but it feels over!

A pink camellia blooms on my neighbour’s bush.
Bougainvillea starts across the way.
The nature strips up the hill and my lawn
are dotted with balls of clover.

A 55-word poem for flash 55 at 'imaginary garden with real toads'. 


  1. I am also beginning to feel that Spring is in the air, though the temperature is still very low. I recognize many of your listed blooms but would love to see a lorikeet!

    1. Kerry, I tried so hard to photograph them! But they are very swift and I couldn't catch them in flight. And I didn't bother posting my snaps of the bottlebrush, because lorikeets are red and green, and were indistinguishable from the leaves and red flowers!

  2. aah...colors of spring...beautiful...

  3. Love it when spring is just around the corner ~ I would love to see the lorikeet too ~

  4. Sounds just great. Thanks for vision of it, Rosemary. K.

  5. This is absolutely lovely!! What a treat :D

  6. Oh the wonders of Nature being reborn!

    It's extremely hot in my bit of the world, since it's the middle of summer; reading your poem feels like a delicious breeze. ♥

  7. Sounds like spring to me! Lovely and lush!

  8. So beautiful--I could "see" the scenery in my mind before I even viewed the pictures.
    Thank you for visiting me at Dark Hearts Love too.

  9. I want your winter and spring for a while...spring is such a beautiful time of year no matter where we live.

  10. We are in the heat of summer here, and I was just thinking lately how I miss the spring when everything was new and green.

  11. beautiful pictures and words.

  12. Beautiful! I'm trying to imagine having lorikeets in my yard!

  13. What a beautiful, spring greeting. I am with Mama Zen. I can't imagine lorikeets in my yard. What a beautiful bird!

  14. A great welcome to spring.