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30 June 2015

On Not Writing a Monday Poem

I wanted to write
a small, sweet Monday poem for Gillena
because she invited me to
and I like Gillena

but over the weekend
I wrote a big, exhausting
confessional poem
about hurt and healing —

about all the pieces of my life
carried in my hands,
about my quest
for balance and remaking.

After that I forgot
all about Gillena and Monday
and everything.
I was letting so much go.

This is Tuesday.
My friend Patsy
shouted me a massage
with lovely Sarah.

It was much needed.
‘You are doing a lot of detoxing,’
Sarah said. And I thought:
'I know. It’s because of Solstice.

'It’s because of what I consigned
to the Solstice fire.'
The days are still cold
but Winter is slowly leaving.

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  1. As a fellow southern winterer, I can relate to the notion of detoxing at this time of year.

  2. I love that you didn't but you did.

  3. This nearly made me cry. Beautiful expression and release of painful energy and contamination.

  4. I LOVE this poem, especially "The days are still cold but Winter is slowly leaving." Yes, it is hard work letting go. This poem is a beautiful follow-up to the Hands poem of the weekend, my friend. Thanks for charting your journey through your work so we can travel with you. It is a privilege.

  5. Letting go is an art in itself, and the burning is pure energy, so the time after does indeed seem used up--but pure. Your conversational style here suits the poem well.

  6. The good intentions and weariness are perfectly and honestly conveyed here.

  7. Its a good thing to vent out your feelings and let yourself heal.. a beautiful poem :)

    Lots of love,

  8. Your words of wisdom and self-revelation were, I'm sure, meant for me today, Rosemary. Big decisions made. Big ones upcoming. You have helped.

    1. So glad, Kim! Wonderful when our poems can do that. xx

    2. So glad, Kim! Wonderful when our poems can do that. xx

  9. Oh and I already feel summer slipping through my fingers.

  10. ah but you did; i'm happy; warm wishes

    much love....

  11. You have awakened a greater understanding of my need to write at this time of year. It is a form of detoxing. I suddenly realise that much of my writing tends to a dark dive filtered with confessionals, even if cloaked in the trappings of what I read after the school report mayhem. So love the slow walk walking pace of your poem as a seeks the flowers along the way.

    1. I am so glad to have contributed to such good realisations, Gemma! xx

  12. Patsy is nice shouting you a massage. A load is best consigned to the solstice fire. Lightened you can prepare for Spring and a rebirthing.

  13. There are so much to do but time and efforts are delimiting our thought process.In a way it is good as the passion to share is often the saving clause to our bids. We just soldier on and accomplish just the same. In fact Hank's been guided by wise words of Mark Twain that 'the fastest way to do anything is to do one thing at a time' It dampens the stresses and one flows through leisurely! Wonderful take Rosemary!


  14. Love how you drag your feelings out and put them into your poems... very inspiring and I hope the detox is doing you a world of good. You do deserve it, being so brave.

  15. sounds like there's healing and a peaceful path ahead... detoxing is vital so that we can breathe freely again - esp. after going through a difficult time

  16. I hope your 'solstice fire' was gratifying and cleansing for you (you being an assumption by me). I wasn't up on these. In the U.S. we have a "Burning Man Festival" from August 30 – September 7, 2015 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Actually the man burns for 67 days. That is one I would like to attend, been 'wishing' to go since the 60's.
    In the U.K. I've been to Guy Fawkes festivals where they burn him in effigy. Guy Fawkes Night is also known as Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night and Firework Night. By 1670 London celebrants had turned 5 November into a fire festival.
    Seems people like fire festivals and will find reasons to have them My favorite is a Halloween Night Bonfire. We eat hot dogs and roast marshmallows, sometimes we make smores.

  17. xoxox Rosemary. this poem is lovely, lovely.