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28 June 2015

Faithful Friends

Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find. 
— William Shakespeare

I am the person of the cat.
He comes in and out, his tail raised,
and greets me with plaintive yells.

I remember that he was a quiet cat
not long ago. His sister, then,
did the talking. He, lordly, refrained.

Now she is dead, and he has become 
his own mouthpiece. Necessity!
He also jumps up and scratches my chair.

We both know I am his. Sometimes
I am obedient. When, so often, I’m not, 
he yells louder, telling me off.

I snarl back. I still have the power
of food. But he has the power of himself.
When I am good, he will give me snuggles.

Written in response to 'Play It Again' #18 at imaginary garden with real toads,
for both the Writing from the Inside Out and  (Very) Old School challenges.


  1. This poem showed so much about the personality of your cat. Neat that he has become his own mouthpiece now, out of necessity. That made me smile.

  2. He has the power of himself - the greatest gift of all.

  3. I so enjoy the personification of these cats, Rosemary! Tone is spot-on, too!

  4. This perfectly captures the attitude of a cat!

  5. They can be such a joy! They understand humans better than humans understand other humans!
    Wonderful write Rosemary!


  6. The power we can have our a feline is so much smaller than they would have over themselves...

  7. But he has the power of himself.

    I love that line, Rosemary, and am so taken by your choice of quote. Powerful and true on every level.

    1. The quote fitted the poem well— but in fact I am blessed to have found many faithful friends, even human ones. :-)

  8. We both know I am his. Sometimes
    I am obedient. When, so often, I’m not,
    he yells louder, telling me off.

    The bond with a pet cat is quite a special one.. Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  9. Indeed they are hard to find ~ The cat story made me smile ~


  10. They say that cats have staff. Sounds like it's true! He's a beauty.

  11. I surmise you are very good, snuggles are a treat.