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10 December 2014

Lift up the covers: Erotic haiku and tanka, November 2014

your voice
an old recording
I’m caressed


Dangerous Flirtation

Hiked up my skirt
danced at the edge of the swell
teasing bare-legged.
The ocean kissed my toes
then surged up past my knees


under his touch
I myself can feel
how soft my breasts


your heart
beating strong and rhythmic
beneath my ear


my head on your chest
I listen
to your heart dancing



warm breath on my skin
his whispers
turn into kisses



lift up the covers
to bare all
the smiling poet


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  1. short poems that entice - that's art.

  2. What a wonderful way to write erotica, just teasing in a great way.

  3. Sensual teases that hint at so much more. I especially like the whispers that turn to kisses.

  4. the ocean kissed my toes never fails, I like them short and sweet Rosemary

  5. Lovely, Rosemary! My favorite is the one about hiking up one's skirt in the ocean....love the sensuality of THAT!

  6. Whew, the whole post brims of sensuality ~ Enjoyed this one ~

  7. smiles... i'm in a heavy love affair with the ocean...just saying... ha

  8. I'm turned off (pun intended) by overly descriptive erotica, so this was a refreshing read for me. Your short style shows a brief glimpse into a passionate, sensual scene, almost in a teasing fashion. Very cool.

  9. Successfully suggestive--well done.