I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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24 February 2014

Sijo Challenge 2014

Form challenge at Poetic Asides (the Sijo is an ancient Korean form). My entries:

The Bloom is Lost

You have fallen by the wayside; I go on without you —
as if you were just a weed, plant that I used to tend and cherish.
Perhaps I’ll give up gardening, or find something hardier.


My black cat is moping tonight, and wandering the whole house
uttering strident miaows; I know he wants me to fix it all
but I can’t bring back our dead man, I can only cuddle the cat.


Is it wrong to start my day, every day, at the computer?
Bad for my health and my housework both — so I am often told.
Ah, but this they don’t know: I start all my days with poetry.


Morning Sounds

Intermittent calls of local birds, from shrilling to warbling.
My neighbour's wake-up cough; noises of saucepan and kettle.
I am quiet here in my yard, with my cat curled up beside me.

As Promised

‘We’ll get through this,’ you told me, your arms around me as I sobbed
and would not give my reason: that I saw you dying day by day.
Alone now, and still here, day by day I’m getting through it.


I walk about my little house, liking the comforts I’ve made here —
this home of mine that was once ours, from which you are dead and gone,
where in each room I encounter warm traces of your presence.


Waking up, I stretch my limbs, lifting my legs high in the air
so I see the slim ankles, the shapely calves of a young girl
once a day — before weight and age, and Gravity, thicken them.


In Wilting Heat

I believe there will be rain tonight, at last. Yes! I walk out
and find very fine drops already falling invisibly.
But will they be enough for this thirsty land? Bring on the storms!


Rain Call

Big splashy raindrops, I call you to fall on this thirsty earth!
And to keep falling as long as the plants need to keep drinking!
In one week autumn will begin -- mote we go into it refreshed!

The Dead Year

It's as if a whole year has been negated since you died.
Though I'm well aware of all its happenings and stages, they dim.
It seems reality stopped with you, events since pale and lifeless.


The Singer Tells Me

The singer tells me that, since menopause, she’s lost the voice she had.
She likes to sing with others now, who are giving all they have.
‘I too,’ she says, ’Give all I have. I must let that be enough.’


I'm also linking these to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #191

I found this a challenging form indeed, so was very surprised and delighted that Missing was placed 5th in the Top 10 when the Challenge was judged! — 14 March 2014


  1. goodness...you wrote quite a few...my cat was walking around the house looking for someone last night...i like that you gave her comfort...the small traces of them all around still...yes, hard not to see their touches.

    1. Gosh, you're quick off the mark this morning, Brian! But I guess it's not morning for you. For me, here I am as usual with computer and coffee, first thing. :) Many thanks for commenting.

    2. PS Yes, I did write quite a few. I was intrigued by this form and found it quite hard to get a handle on. Some other people wrote exquisitely beautiful pieces with apparent ease.

  2. I don't know where to start with your poems, Rosemary. Ha, I start my day with the computer too. Not bad, I think, if it is with poetry. Smiles. Interesting to read how a home which was once shared by two makes its transition, but still there are the traces that remain. I agree with the singer's philosophy. All a person has MUST be enough!

    1. Ah, that one about the singer was almost a found poem! :)

  3. Like this form and how you have explored it here Rosemary--loved the one about the cat--

    1. There will always be cats in my poetry! :)

  4. Rosemary,

    Overall your message is clear in all this poetic form. You miss the love of your life and his presence. I admire how you have captured facets of that dreadful emptiness, and filled it with diversions...Particularly poignant with the cat.
    Lovely words and a very unique style.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Yes, that is my recurrent theme these days. Perhaps the time will come when I've written it out. Meanwhile, how lucky I am that I can do that.

  5. Oh Rosemary, how I felt all of these...........giving up gardening or finding something harder....the cat's lonely miaowing........beginning one's day with poetry (me, too!).........and yes, you are getting through it, and splendidly.

  6. I start and end my days in poetry, smiles ~ Love the sijo form Rosemary ~

    Appreciate the floral bouquet of words ~

    1. Oh yes, of course my days end the same way too. :)

  7. Love these snippets of life inlaid with deep emotion...enjoyed the sijo form and I must say that we begin and end the day the same way..smiles

    1. Ah, I think quite a few of us might do that!

  8. these are wonderful, Rosemary. I do quite like that first one, and do admire them all ~

    1. Thank you for stopping by and saying so.

  9. Rosemary,

    What a lovely idea, and how privileged.

    I start all my days with poetry.

    A heavenly thought.

  10. Loved the idea of writing like this, really caught me, and i really liked reading this! I start my day with my phone checking the various sites, but you could say it's also at the computer! I honestly liked reading it!