I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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31 October 2012

No Halloween

Last year there was a knock.
Three little girls from over the road
had climbed our front steps.
Two were dressed witchy,
the littlest one was a fairy
with gauzy wings. 'Oh come and look!'
I said to my love in his armchair.

Both of us, in the narrow doorway,
bent forward to smile and admire.
Luckily I found some jellybeans to give
and had enough left, an hour later,
when a stout little boy arrived alone 
looking brave and hopeful
in his cardboard wizard's hat
and pillowcase cape.

This year I was well prepared
with a whole bowl of mixed lollies.
I thought they could each take a handful
like a sort of lucky dip. 'I'll definitely
get visitors tonight,' I told my friends. But no. 
It's nearly ten. The street is very quiet. 
Are they — or their parents — 
being sensitive, choosing not to disturb 
newly widowed me alone at the top of my steps?

I remember his face last year
tender with delight, beaming
at the young ones and their costumes.
He was hunched, and later we didn't
celebrate Beltane traditionally
(our real Sabbat here on this date)
because his back was hurting.
I wrote a poem instead — as I do tonight.
I have no Beltane fire, but I'll light 
a candle for love, which will not die.

Submitted for dVerse OpenLinkNight #68


  1. This is beautiful and so sad. You aloness is palpable. Unfortunately there are no short cuts through this one..light the candle and be thankful for that love Rosemary..a lot are never that lucky and as you said he will always be with you, keeping you strong. X

  2. I do feel the sadness in this poem. Ready for trick or treaters, but no one coming. And the memories of how it was last year when he was there with you. I am glad you wrote a poem, and a beautifully expressive one it is! And yes the love lives on.

  3. smiles...a nice memory, at least i hope for you...it is sad, but i love the joy at seeing the little ones....hugs...

  4. It is a beautiful and sad piece, of love, - yet the ache of being alone. He would want you to be happy still. That's love, I'm sure. Smiles and hugs.

  5. well writen and very touching. nice details

  6. I go with the majority: sad and beautiful. It works very well for me.

  7. Thank you, everyone. Yes it is,ultimately, a nice memory — one of many. He knew I would cope without him, and I do; the emotions are just a bit mixed at present. Then again, in another way I'll never be without him.

  8. Ah, that was touching. Yeah, sad, but your ability to soak up beauty from a moment gave me a fun smile. I hope kids show at your door soon.

    I had to look up "Beltane" -- that was fun reading.