I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world,
to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

Some of these poems are autobiographical, some are entirely fictional, and some are a mixture of both. The intention is art rather than self-expression. I don't allow factual details to get in the way of poetry! (I do seek emotional truth.) They are works in progress, and may be subject to revision without notice. Completed versions appear in my books. Nevertheless copyright applies to all texts found here. Copyright also applies to almost all photos posted here, most of which are my own, though a few are licensed under Creative Commons.
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1 September 2012

Lying Back on the Pillow

He looks so much himself,
lying back on the pillow, eyes closed,
as if he was resting at home
in his own bed, on his own pillow —
which he is. I brought it from home, that pillow.

He breathes evenly, looks peaceful,
his head slightly turned to the side.
The blankets are up to his shoulders,
his arms tucked in; you'd never know
all was not well with this sweet old man.

On impulse I lean over and gently kiss his cheek.
'I just can't resist kissing you sometimes,' 
I say. Perhaps he hears.

My beautiful husband, I love to gaze on you!

Submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #113


  1. This made my eyes water, Rosemary.

  2. Rosemary, this breaks my heart. It is so hard sometimes....when one loves someone.....Peace to you.

  3. How poignant and truly beautiful, I echo the above sentiments, peace to you.

  4. Oh so wonderful, Rosemary! To love and be loved. The bond cemented grows stronger by the day!


  5. Somehow the bond of love is stronger than all the things that tear and claw at it--even dementia and death. This is a poignant poem.

    Whirling with Jane Kenyon

  6. This is so tender and touching, Rosemary. Heartbreaking and wonderful, love is, sometimes both at the same time. He is so blessed to be so loved. As are you, kiddo! Sending you strength to walk this section of the highway.

  7. All I can say is, he knows and would say the same if he were able to.
    It's so nice that you took his own pillow because I'm sure he feels its comfort.
    Beautifully, sad and lovely.

  8. Such a touching and heart wrenching write--beautifully done---

  9. So beautifully touching... it brought tears to my eyes, a pang to my heart.

  10. This touched me deep down. I'm leaky all around my eyes and my heart hurts.

  11. This is so sad and sweet, and just heartbreaking.

  12. "eyes closed,
    as if he was resting at home
    in his own bed, on his own pillow —
    which he is. I brought it from home, the pillow."

    Like a microcosm or allegory of what caring is...