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24 September 2012

What I'd Really Like to Say to My New Facebook Friend

I'm sure you meant it kindly, but
I am not another happy-go-lucky Aussie
like those others you said you met 
(and presumably didn't meet just online).

I'm a 72-year-old introvert
(well I guess you didn't know my age)
whose husband — as you did know — died 
only five days before you suggested 

it would do me so much good 
to drive two hours to a city I dislike
and usually get lost in
(not that you knew that either) 

so as to attend a Festival 
with a whole lot of strangers
not even including you 
(since you live in another country).

Of course you also didn't know
I don't like driving, and never was
much of a one for parties, even when
I wasn't widowed five days previously.

And that's the point: you don't know me.
You congratulated me 
on publishing my own literary magazine.
I don't. What made you think so?

And I certainly don't know you;
can't figure you out at all. But you were so hurt
and so quick to say so, when I didn't 
immediately accept your friend request

that in the end I did. And now we're stuck
with each other — the unfathomable Other.
Perhaps if I never comment....
I guess you meant it kindly, but....

Submitted for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #116
Just a little late for dverse's 'unexpected' prompt, although it fits.


  1. Well done, Rosemary. You speak for many people who inhabit the blogosphere, and sometimes have to deal with the strangely pushy personalities out there. This is amusing but has a very serious undertone.

  2. You have said a very serious matter in such a wonderful way...

  3. 'Strangely pushy' is exactly right! Luckily I have mostly met lovely people online. :)

  4. There are pushy people around that we meet and invariably they turn out ok. We meet their pushiness in a nice way!
    Nicely Rosemary!


  5. I really do not like pushy people at all. This is such a sad post to read. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.

  6. Hi Rosemary....sometimes people mean well, but their approach is poor and it is at the wrong time. Your poem resonates. I think many of us have experienced something similar from good-intentioned (perhaps) strangers. And again, condolences on the death of your husband.

  7. Thanks to all for your understanding. I did respond quite nicely to this person. I'm sure she did mean well, even if she was somewhat insensitive. This rant just needed expression - somewhere she won't read it - because I was still reeling at the (to me) weirdness of her suggestion considering my circumstances.

    I am doing OK, step by step. :)

  8. Step by step is how we do it, Rosemary........people do say the strangest things, often through not knowing what to say, when all that is needed is "I know you are hurting, and I care." As do we all, my friend.

  9. ah, well-meaning human nature. maybe we can swap a human nature for 2 squid natures? there should be a store for that.