I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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12 March 2014

My Skies

Storm Approaches

Storm approaches. 
The dark sky closes in.
The trees stand still and huddle,
closing ranks, but 
it keeps on coming. Soon 
they’ll be flapping about,
trying to beat it off.

The Storm Closes

The storm closes,
and sits right on top of the trees
which now begin to toss.
Behind them, though, the sky
glows through the branches
with patches of 
strange white light.

Stretching High

Stretching high
on slender stem,
the tree almost floats,
almost flies
in the wild, wide sky.
I straighten, and take 
a deep breath in,
feeling as if
the tree is breathing.

The Clouds Around the Sun

The clouds around the sun,
which reveal and frame it,
seem to be pointing forward.
‘Excelsior!’ they seem to cry. 
‘Onward! Upward!’ they call
across the expanding sky.

The Sun Falls

The sun falls
down onto the tops 
of the waiting hills,
into the gullies and crevices 
with a crash of resounding light
that flares up and widens
and bursts,
and goes black.

The prompt today at dVerse Poetics, is Micro/Macro — to write a micro-poem of 140 characters, not counting spaces, about a macro-photo. I decided to do several. The titles, added merely for identification, also don't count in the number of characters. The photos are my own, of my corner of the world, which I never tire of recording. Unfortunately I completely misunderstood the term macropoetry! My next post attempts to get closer to the idea.


  1. a lovely collection. I like how they move from approaching storm to the sun breaking through the clouds to the setting of day. each piece a beautiful addition to the first...though I really like the image presented in the first.

  2. ha. i totally love the clouds framing the tree one....excelsior! ha. def a favorite exclamation...like the visuals in that last one as well...

    1. Great word, isn't it? It was a bit of a saying in my family when I was growing up. (And we all knew the poem it came from.)

  3. great collection... love how it begins with darkness of stormy weather, then ends with a beautiful clear sky... all the photos are beautiful actually, but you get my point... smiles

  4. oh nice... loved esp. the storm/cloud pics and verse a lot... i love a good storm...the mood just before it starts... i like

  5. Dramatic set of sky photos and poems...i like your imagery of tree breathing and sun falling

  6. great images and descriptions

  7. A great series. You must have a good camera to get the wonderful sunset picture. Bravo.

    1. Thank you. It's quite a nice digital Lumix.

  8. What a clever wheeze: using a series of twitters to get your message across: I felt hemmed in by the limit of characters. Going to copy your idea now :-)

    Such brilliant progression in the images as well.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I thought of them as standing alone too. But anything can be done. Sam Peralta used to post whole poems on twitter in individual sections. :)

  9. I know, I struggled to find a 'macropicture' in my collection. But the verses are spot-on!

  10. A beautiful collection, showing each facet of the sky, sun & clouds ~ And lovely pictures too ~

  11. A beautiful series of poems, Rosemary. You have given us many vivid word pictures of the sky!

  12. You take us on a sweet tour of March's stormy weather in a place where palms live and thrive....pretty ;)

    1. Glad you liked, Katy. But in fact the stormy ones were taken last December (our summer). The lone tree against the sky was taken last November and the sun photos last October.

  13. You tell a wonderful story in this collection and now I really miss the beach...

    1. Oh dear - don't read the next post, then! :)

  14. I loved each and every one. Love the freedom of those clouds...

  15. Wonderful, Rosemary, the "wild wide sky" and the trees breathing. I so love sky poems!

  16. First .. I love the collection.. it's like one of those days with weather that really changes... great thought.

    1. In fact three different days — but they do seem to go together successfully.

  17. Your words, and images, work so well. Love this! :-)

  18. A fine progression of images and accompanying poems proclaiming the effects of nature on us and personifying them as well. I enjoyed these and felt as though you were offering a bit of your place to me.