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1 August 2012

Solitary Imbolc

The moon is bright
and nearly full,
almost directly overhead
when I go out late
to make ritual for Imbolc,
for the coming of Spring.

More and more
my small back yard
becomes a sacred space:
place of daily meditations
and communing with Nature.
The energy gathers and builds.

I cast my circle simply, 
with my right forefinger.
Deosil (sunwise)
is anti-clockwise here.

I bow as I name the directions
then open my arms
to call down the light of the moon.
I feel her enter and fill me.

I have some prayers,
I have some praises,
I have some thanks to give.
All this is quietly done.

Then it is time
to open the circle
and free all spirits
which may have been trapped
inadvertently or otherwise,
bidding them go in peace.

I step inside my door

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  1. Interesting piece, I revere nature and appreciate her powerful
    beauty and lessons. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Beautifully meditative, Rosemary! I really enjoyed this piece and your perceptions.

  3. nice...i have a place i go sit in the back yard to watch life unfold....def love my meditation bench...and you can def feel the energy...i hope you get to feeling better...

  4. A lovely example of the freedom release brings... love it!

  5. Lovely...More and more
    my small back yard
    becomes a sacred space:
    place of daily meditations
    and communing with Nature.
    The energy gathers and builds.

    Such peace in this poem..you have found your refuge.

  6. Communion with spheres, empowered by the bathing light of the moon, casting all that's trapped within to the expanse of the universe - praying that each finds its right path. Beautifully said.

  7. Very interesting, Rosemary-- in our summer of forest fires and mass shootings and an election year we could use ceremonies of calm... xxxj

  8. Ah, you had me heading to Google to find out more about what you were describing. Even without that, your poem does summon up the philosophical and meditative... but I do love learning something new.

  9. love the calling down the light of the moon.. i need these places as well where i just can let go and feel life cheek to cheek again

  10. walk through the woods, let my eyes touch the gardens, then gaze upon the heavens above... ya, everything melts away... nice capture

  11. Ritual is very important in life to us humans...it does have power--you give it grace and beauty as well here.


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