I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

These poems are works in progress and may be updated without notice. Nevertheless copyright applies to all writings here and all photos (which are either my own or used with permission). Thank you for your comments. I read and appreciate them all, and reply here to specific points that seem to need it — or as I have the leisure. Otherwise I reciprocate by reading and commenting on your blog posts as much as possible.

30 March 2011


Yes, I've renamed it! (From 68+ x 365.) This can go on indefinitely, at my own pace — as indeed it has been doing since number 44, when the posts stopped being daily. In my new title I'm reflecting what is so, and giving myself new freedom. The number of words will continue to match my number of years, but you don't need to keep track of that; it's my private game/discipline.



  1. that makes sense. I'm just muddling out myself what to do with mine. stop in June, or March, or when I reach 1000 posts or when it seems finally out steam for good this time.

  2. I'd miss yours if it stopped, so I'd say 'when it seems finally out of steam' but keep it as an archive.

    Mine doesn't get updated often lately, but there are still people I want to include.