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1 June 2009

Early morning cold: haiku for May 2009


Early morning cold.
I sink into my warm bed
like mothering arms.


The nights have turned cold.
In my dreams they gaze at me –
my dead mother’s eyes.


A wild grey ocean
surprised by two bright rainbows
then one vanishes.


“It lies about us” –
so Jesus said of Heaven.
Do we make our own?


Howling and shrieking
the wind is all round the house
bashing to get in.


Responses to friends’ LiveJournal posts:

From across the world
the arc of your dawn rainbow
brightens my morning.


It seems the whole world
is assailed by rain and storms.
I hear nothing else.


"Droughts and flooding rains"
we learn from early childhood
in this "wide brown land".

(Acknowledgments to Dorothea Mackellar)

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