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6 March 2009

Fireworks round the world: haiku for January 2009


The new year began
with many bangs: thunder here,
fireworks round the world.

On the second day,
at last after stormy heat
a cool, gentle rain.


Rain and a cold wind.
Today's mournful whine: 'Oh
nine, oh one, oh nine'.

Americans may reverse last line to 'one, oh nine, oh nine'. (It's a sound thing.)


On a quiet night
I remember the blue creek
swollen by king tides.


Blood and medals

The private soldier
is friend, relative, colleague ...
made public in death.

The VC winner declares:
"Out there, we are all heroes."


The weather changes.
The sky and the creek turn grey.
I lose my wallet.


Still, at 69,
she dreams of Easy Rider.
Those Harleys. The wind.

Comment from my friend Lorenzo:

Maybe a scooter?
I see you on a vespa...
Cruising down the street :)


And my reply:

Such a tempting thought:
elderly insouciance
scooter-cruising – but
Vespas are city transport,
not seen around these ranges.

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