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5 July 2012

Full Moon Observance

Dark rainsky
I think the moon
will be hidden.

When I go out
into clear cold
she is right above.

I tilt my head
her white circle doubles
the two overlap.

Around the vesica piscis
bright blue light
shines and deepens.

Lady Moon
I stand on the earth
and beg for blessings.

The hour grows late
help me now to fulfill
all my promises.

Submitted for dVerse Open Link Night #51

This poem also appears in Sherry's Poets United feature: A Chat With Rosemary Nissen-Wade ~ On Poetry and Witchcraft.


  1. nice..i love watching the moon...so soothing...did you know that the moon in german is male..i have to get used to a female moon yet, you know..smiles

    1. I think in some tribal cultures also, the moon is male and the sun female. Depends on the viewpoint, I suppose. I like sun as male and moon as female because of the yin-yang correlation - and aslo because that is how I have learnt it. :)

    2. PS No, I didn't know that was the case in Germany. We learn something every day! I wonder hw that came about?

  2. nice...the moon has been so big and full...def enjoy watching it...she def has an allure for me...smiles....

  3. Love the mood in this, very ethereal, yet also grounded and solemn...and you also built a lovely visual of the circles, the moon overlapping your own head/self.

  4. We had a full moon last night, so beautiful to see her looking dressed up in her finest. I hope she did help you to fulfil your promises.
    RYN: Thank you, made me smile. :)

  5. I get the feel of a love-sick soul who finds solace in seeing a full moon and pouring his feelings for its support and sympathy to fulfill certain obligations! Great Write Rosemary!


  6. Contemplative, prayerful, this has the deep reverence that prayer requires. Your words make the prayer so immediate, bringing to our awareness the consciousness that attines to nature to ask it, in the firm of the moon, for blessings. Very lovely words to invoke the celestial spirit.

  7. Lovely! I like the short and tight construction. Great diction too! This poem speaks to me. Again, lovely.

  8. I like the gentle, contemplative mood in this....

  9. Mystical feel here... I really enjoyed this, Rosemary!

  10. I completely adore moon poems. There is so much to explore in lunar mythology, in its interaction with the earth, in how it affects the very tides of the human body, and perhaps even the tides of the human soul.

  11. Thank you, dear people. I have not had much time online of late, so it is lovely to come back here and find all these warm comments.


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