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10 February 2010

Adam Hurst Plays 'Dusk'

How serious he looks,
the young musician,
dressed up in suit and hat
to play his ‘gypsy cello’,
his long white fingers
deft on the strings.

His soft boy mouth
is briefly tremulous
as if restraining weeping,
or singing silently.
His eyes are shaded
by the brim of his hat.

The sombre music of dusk
flows from him with authority
as it must. Composer, interpreter,
maker of the instrument:
he and his music are one.
Night and stillness arrive
with the final chords.

(See and hear)


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  2. lovely way to describe it. it sounds like the sounds for a pointillism canvas.

  3. Pearl, that's a lovely way to describe it too.

  4. Dear Simply Poet

    You must be a bot, or else simply (sic) a stupid marketer. Clearly you have not really read the poems you praise.

    Besides, I don't want my writing to be associated with a site or person(s) so illiterate as to use 'poet's' instead of 'poets' for no good reason.

    I won't be investigating further what you are 'upto'.