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15 May 2009

Don't You Miss Going To See the New Star Trek Movie, Hear!

I didn’t want it to stop
until it did stop, perfect
in its unforgettable conclusion,
and I threw my fist into the air
raising Andrew’s arm with mine –
we’d been holding hands throughout.
He gripped mine tightly and laughed
as I exulted: “Yeah!”

Wednesday prompt: "Don't you ..."


  1. I'm getting that you liked it. ;)

    I was braced for not liking it, nervous about being disgruntled, disappointed. I really wanted to like it.

    And it really did hit all the marks and go down well.

    the Enterprise lives.

  2. So glad you agree. To my amazement, many didn't. I have even been reading earnest opinions that it doesn't gel with the Aussie character and/or it only appeals to teenagers. Bullshit, sez I!

    I felt that I had reconnected with old friends I thought I'd lost.

  3. Treked on down to the Roxy on Saturday to see Star Trek. Seems holding hands was on the agenda for most "Baby Boomer" crowds. I was not the exception. Reuniting with old friends was the best part of the movie. Feeling young again was an added bonus. I loved the feelings yet as a writer I felt the story was weak maybe even redundant with every other action packed movie. The good, the bad, the mundane. But then all is forgiven when you get to spend 90 minutes with your friends.

  4. Well, you know, series 1 on TV wasn't perfect either. (She whispers, heretically.) We loved it with all its imperfections. This too. Hafta admit, my "suspension of disbelief" was very willing. :)