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to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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2 September 2008

What Object Is This?

Prompt: Write a poem that includes at least one description of an object that is six or more words long. Mine's a sort of riddle poem.

I play with it at night.
It keeps my hands occupied,
demands concentration
yet helps me relax.

Not what you’d call
glamorous to look at
but it can excite me,
more so when hard.

It’s longer than six;
I'm glad of that.
And there’s no anger
though the words are cross.

Later: OK, everyone seems to have guessed – as intended; while understanding the innuendo also – as intended. So I should probably call it a joke rather than a riddle.


  1. Such a "misleading" & suggestive piece.....or is it just me? *grin*

    But I am guessing the answer is not the Rabbit.

    So...is it a

    (pause for dramatic effect)

    crossword puzzle?


  2. Hah. Bingo. =) I should have demanded a prize. *grinz*

    But great description!


  3. Thanks, pal!

    Your Rabbit piece over at www.poewar.com is pretty interesting too. ;)