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17 June 2012

Verse Portrait 93. Nursing Home: Jeanette

Tiny woman.
Soft, full hair
beige blonde.

Seated at our table,
at first glance
looks fifty.

I think she's used to
no conversation;
responds when we begin.

We ask how long
she's been here.
'Do you know,' she says,
'I think it's four months ...
I can't be certain.'

Her son works
in the kitchen.
She can see him

Used to live
by water, misses
her house ... voice
trails wistfully,
eyes grow distant.

Submitted for dverse Open Link Night #49


  1. oh you made me see her.. good that her son works there.. makes me so sad that she misses the water..seems she still sees it..

  2. this makes me sad a bit...i think sometimes people get lost in that system...i am glad she gets to see her son...that is important...and i hope it is important to him...

  3. Nice capture of her loneliness ~ At least her son is close by ~

  4. Awww.... very sad for her to have to have given up a home she loved and have to live somewhere else. Yes, at least she gets to see her son. I hope that helps her somewhat.

  5. Makes you wonder why she's there at fifty... very mysterious, intriguing... just like her!

    1. Laurie, she was more likely 70, only looked 50 at first glance because so well preserved and well groomed..

  6. She was sad, and trying to make the best of it.

    1. I couldn't find the main comment box, oddly enough. So I will comment here. Very sad. I've known people like this too. I guess we have to accept what life brings us, hoping that whatever it brings us we can bear!

  7. Who knows what shores age will wash us up on? An excellent portrait of this woman.

  8. A perfect character capture. It's heartbreaking to think that we (women, usually) wind up alone, without keeping our strength, our memory, our talents in tact. But your portrait is a charitable one and with the son nearby gives a measure of hope.

  9. you pulled this image tightly together with a expedient pace...wonderful write ~ Rose

  10. There's a sad sense of lost. Excellent portrait. Especially well-portrayed the way she talks, the words drift off like that, into the eyes that seem to see back into a distant memory.

  11. Thanks to you all for your kind comments. I'm glad I succeeded in portraying her.


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